Why DIY Tattoos Are like Russian Roulette

By | January 8, 2014

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I have heard of DIY tattoos in prison. I understand, strangely, the desire for one behind those cell doors. Sometimes the right tattoo can keep you from being some cellmate’s dessert. With that said, I can’t imagine why anyone on the outside of prison would resort to DIY tattoos when there are a plethora of quite excellent and safe tattoo parlors available across the world. This is not an article advocating DIY tattoos-this author abhors even the sight of tattoos to begin with! However, if you are considering a DIY tattoo, please continue to read and educate yourself on the dangers of this pastime that is exponentially growing in popularity!

For the most part, DIY tattoos are not illegal-unless they are performed on someone else. One must be 18 to perform and/or get a tattoo. DIY tattoos are sold everywhere, EBay (reportedly selling them for as little as $45), Yahoo Shopping, and anywhere the Internet is found.

Stick-N-Poke Tattoo

See Video for a DIY tattoo being performed.

Amateur inkings are popular due to the decreasing stability of the world economy. For as little ¬£60, one can purchase tattoo guns and accessories and “set up shop” in their own bathroom.

The health concerns are overwhelming. Forget about being permanently scarred by a terrible tattoo! The risks of HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C are just a few unenjoyable perks to DIY tattoos. Those who advocate the pastime say they hurt less and have more control over what is put on their body.

Apprentice tattoo artists are cropping up everywhere because the money is good, tattoos are a cheap luxury (in some cases), and there is poor regulation from any government on education/ training/ and procedures. The biggest requirements across the globe are that one must be legally an adult and must adhere to health practices. Health practices are subject to individuals’ interpretations often times. Registered tattoo parlors are much more regulated and safer.

As one can imagine, You-tube has got into the act and is teaching amateurs about how to tattoo themselves. Here are a couple of quite alarming videos to view:

Tattoo in Your Bathroom

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

Also cropping up everywhere on the Internet is tattoo removal sites. Yes, there are DIY tattoo removal kits! As if the DIY tattoo wasn’t a bad enough experience, there are desperate people subjecting themselves to removing the scarred tissue and embedded ink from their own skin, causing worse scars and more likelihood of infection.

Health watchdogs no doubt want these Internet sites banned. They are a major health risk, no matter where one stands on the issue. There is no regulation or oversight that people are reading or understanding the instructions that sometimes come with these DIY tattoo kits. The Royal ­Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) recently claimed that hundreds of Scottish people are at risk for executing DIY tattoos.

The craze that brought us the embellishments of one’s genitals has now rolled out the newest terrifying craze-DIY tattoos on the genitals! As if a bad tattoo or infection on the arm is not enough, now people are risking their health by permanently scarring their genitals. This is similar to when kids once pierced their earlobes in the bathroom when in junior high. Now, kids are tattooing themselves (which require no parental permission).

While the man featured in the photo accompanied with this article had a successful story with a DIY tattoo (on his face!), a lot more people are getting deadly infections. The best advice is to go to a professional and get the tattoo done there!

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