Why Do Tattoos Have To Have Meaning

By | May 29, 2015

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OK, i have quite a bit of ink done. I would say that 75% of my tattoos do not have some "deep, lasting meaning" who cares? i think that we o. Help; Remember Me? What's New? Forum. FAQ; Calendar; Community. Groups Why do tattoos need to have meaning?? OK, i have quite a bit of ink done.

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Best Answer: Read the "Help me with a deep meaningful tattoo design" questions that are asked a hundred times a day here. These are closely followed by "What do you think of my tattoo idea" (does it have enough meaning). Some of these people really stretch to find meaning in the

Do you have an opinion on why tattoos are so popular in today’s society? Do you feel that there is a deeper meaning or connection that most people do not realize when they make the decision to get tattoos?

I’ve discovered that tattoo designs always carry a meaning and tell you something about the person and his or her background. Asking a wide swath of people who have tattoos why someone would get something permanently imprinted on their skin reveals five basic reasons.

Those who do not like tattoos do not have to look at tattood people; if you know a restaurant is leinent about their employees having inked up arms, simply grab your grub elsewhere. People get tattoos that have no meaning and later on regret the tattoo.

Best Answer: why does anyone get a tattoo? a lot of times they have as special meaning and sometime it's just because they think it looks cool.

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