Why do you americans keep getting asian-style tattoos?

By | February 23, 2014

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Like koi fish, dragons, etc. stop being so original and prentending that you're in the yakuza. everyone over here laughs at you stupid round-eyes when we see your tattoos.

lipstick style tattoo .Lipstick style tattoo done by john at bizarre ink 36 westport edinburgh

愚かなアメリカ人は、あなたは我々が発明した入れ墨スタイルが日本語であなたにと… なんという冗談であることでしょう!

don't you have a honda civic to go supe up or something? you are obviously uninformed about anything to do with tattoos, not to mention how lame you are for attacking a whole race like us “round eyes” over something like getting a type of artwork tattooed on us. oh, i'm sorry i didn't realize you owned this style of art, let it be my personal duty to go and cover-up any and all dragons and koi fish i see with squirrels and snakes….wait, do you own snakes too? what about tigers?!? CRAP! you had better send me a list of things we should no longer tattoo on the round eye race in case we offend your over sensitive pantie wearing b*tch *ss. i could go on but seriously, you f*ckin' bore me, NEXT!!

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