Why do you think society looks down on metal and metal heads?

By | January 20, 2014

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So i was at the Mayhem fest. last night (it was sick!) and slipknot had said that society looks down on metal and metal head. And i chould't agree more! I had frist hand experience with this at my job i deal with people mostley older people and they really judge you, they see my tattoos and think i'm just a dirtbag and give me attitudes and treat me like shit and look down on me. So my question is why do you think that society looks down on metal and metal heads?

Firstly, you probably couldn't be spending your time (at work) with a more prejudiced bunch of people, oldies are the absolute worst for accepting anybody that looks a little different/slightly intimidating (tattoos etc) although it's okay for old men to have tattoos down their arms b/c they were in the Navy! I made good friends with a metal head at college (I'm not at all) and he was the sweetest funniest person there without a doubt. I don't think the whole of society looks down just the ones with their heads shoved up their arses. Be who you are and be happy and ignore those old fogies 🙂

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