Why Is My Tattoo Bumpy

By | June 21, 2015

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My tattoo is about the size of my hand and it may clear up in one area but still be bumpy in another spot. No cortizone (a nurse) thought maybe it was a delayed allergic response to my tattoo, which i got in early August. I also started a new birth control (nongestimate and ethinyl

What should i do about the itchy bumps around my new tattoo?? by Guest6785 | 3 years, 10 month(s) ago 0 My name is Laura, from Edmonton Alberta.please i want to advice you to beware of loan from the China and any part of Malaysia because they are all scammers.

How good the tattoo looks depends greatly on how well it heals, and that is dependent on how well you take care of it! Itchy, Raised Tattoos: bumpy and itchy. An allergic reaction does not necessarily happen immediately

Has anyone had or seen anything like this? My tattoo artist said she never saw anything like it. I’ve tried all kinds of oitnments and lotions, but it still here over a month later. dee on April 24th, 2010 at 8:29 pm;

The one on ly lower back feels kinda bumpy and i was told by my dad who has been a tattoo artist for 40 years that it was due to the artist having a heavy hand. join to post. Shaleh. 25 thnx for all the answers. i will talk about it with my tattoo artist the next time i see him,

Hiya, I have 5 tattoos, 4 of which are fine. But I have my ex's name on my upper thigh & it randomly becomes very raised, bumpy & itchy. If I scratch it it bleeds :/

It’s used to treat inflammation, razor burn, hemmorhoids and minor rashes. Use a Tuck’s medicated on the bumpy areas and DO NOT pop the white ones or it will spread! Reply. June 2, 2014 at I had my tattoo done on 7/9 and I started to notice that all of the tree branches are raised up and

Tonight while I was getting ready for bed I ran my fingers over my tattoo and noticed that some parts of it are raised slightly and the parts where it is the worse look slightly red. Raised ink on my tattoo

Why is my 20 yr old tattoo suddenly raised and itchy?: My tattoo is raised bumpy itchy, looks like crap. Posted on November 16, 2013 by Prijom Man in posts Ask a question New Here? Your question will be answered by Awesome

That sounds pretty normal to me, my tattoo was insanely itchy for about 2 weeks and a bit bumpy from the scabs. Is the middle part of your tattoo the biggest?

All of my tattoo's itch or become raised, mainly the outlines, I was wondering if anyone has the same issue. Everything I read online is referencing the colors. My tattoo became bumpy and extremely itchy. I have a full sleeve in one colour.

I noticed that the tattoo I am working on, on myself (my thigh) No one has said how old these bumpy tattoo's are. I do remember tho, a few yrs ago when they did get bumpy & raised. They would be quite itchy as well.

Ive had my tattoo for at least 4 months now. there is writing, then a symbol. the writng is still bumpy.but the symbol is nice and smooth. why is the writing bumpy?

The tattoo is almost a year old now, done mid-November last year. Twice in the last month, it's become red, itchy, and bumpy out of nowhere. The tattoo consists of lyrics from my favorite song, and it's just three lines.

Raised and bumpy tattoo? this happened with my first tattoo. but it was fine a week after when it was properly healed all the bumps went away . my tattoo is 5 years old and it is still raised Bumpy, raised slightly itchy tattoo? Swollen,raised,bumpy or bubbles like on

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