Why Is My Tattoo Red And Swollen

By | June 10, 2015

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Its not my first tattoo and my others weren't like this. Is it normal for a lower leg tattoo? I have been at work walking around too if that makes any difference.

Slight swelling after getting a foot tattoo is common and nothing to be afraid of. can get swollen. It is maximum in the area surrounding the tattoo which can turn red, and is sensitive to the touch. Why Does the Swelling Occur

Hi, I got a tattoo a few days ago. My second, first was fine, same place, same guy. A quality tattoo place, no safety issues. This second tattoo was 3 times the size of my first, the first positioned on my other inner forearm. With my first tattoo I used vaseline intensive care and

Learn about the relationship between red tattoo ink and sensitivity reactions. About.com. Food. Southern Food; Barbecues & Grilling; Home Cooking; Cocktails; My response: I'd trust the tattoo artist over someone who has numerous tattoos,

'My foot almost had to be AMPUTATED after my tattoo became infected': it was to find her foot had swollen to twice the normal size. RELATED ARTICLES. Previous; 1; 2; Gemma calls the offending tattoo 'the tomato' because of its red and angry appearance

And i was woundering why my Tattoo was itchy and puffy, has this happend to anybody? This is the first time this happens to me. Share Question; Flag as tattoos; Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0. 6 Answer s. Did you get too much sun recently?

But more common with red ink. (My tattoo has red ink.) It’s not the red part that itches though! Could it STILL be healing? (It’s a pretty big tattoo This one time I spilled movie popcorn butter topping on my month old tattoo and it got swollen,

I gave myself a cover up on the lower ankle. the next day my ankle and foot was so swollen, and partially up the side of my leg and all that did was get a little bit red and slightly swollen. After what but it doesn't explain 100% why the lower tattoo did NOT swell and the highest

Your beautiful, amazing tattoo has become hurting to buggery, is all red, bruised and swollen. Gone

My tattoo is about the size of my on memorial day 2010 and the day after there were a couple red spots above the tattoo i hardly noticed them b That last about 4 days. 3 weeks after that the bumps came back but where not white they just hurt really bad and my lips burned and were swollen.

tattoo infection, problems with tattoos: Amanda- Sometimes tattoos just take longer and are more sensitive, especially areas with a lot of movement like a wrist. My wrist was swollen and sore for about a week and scabby longer than other parts I ve had tattooed. It is standard procedure to

The same thing happened to my newest tattoo, which I got done 2 weeks ago. The day after I got it, it was red and swollen around but not on the tat. The swelling and redness spread. I had some leftover antibiotics from an infected scratch I had from a student at work.

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