Why Mums Love Temporary Tattoos

By | January 4, 2014

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As a trend, temporary tattoos have evolved over time – they have bypassed being a mere fad and are becoming a full blown fashion accessory. Temporary tattoos were once a fun form of art and self expression for children – which they still are. But, slowly, they evolved into a popular trend among teenagers and young adults, especially those under eighteen – and they are still popular among that group as well. It is just that they do not stop there; they have gained popularity among people of all ages, including mums. There are several reasons lots of mothers prefer the idea of temporary tattoos, and some of them are quite surprising.

Mums these days are hipper, no matter what their age. Fifty is the new forty and forty is the new thirty and temporary tattoos are a growing fashion accessory especially for those who still crave a little trendy glamour in their lives. Temporary tattoos are a great way to experiment with personal style and even fashion. Women can apply extensive, detailed temporary tattoos without the high cost, time, pain, or permanency of ink tattoos. Better still, they can change on a constant basis. You can apply a rearing unicorn in ethereal shades of violets and dusky blues along a thigh – and get rid of it in a week (or a few days), if that particular mythical beast loses its novelty rather quickly. You can also change the temporary tattoo to something which coordinates with the outfits you wear during special occasions – parties, dinners, et cetera. Temporary tattoos are becoming so popular that some hair boutiques are beginning to include airbrushing services, which makes it fairly convenient as well.
Not that mums on a budget need to spend that much money every time they fancy a new temporary tattoo. The kinds of tattoos that transfer onto skin are far cheaper, and they come in all sorts of designs, ranging from simple to complicated, from cute to beautifully intricate. Mums who love the idea of a tattoo but aren’t too keen on the somewhat painful process of getting a traditional tattoo can pick a temporary tattoo and get it applied with ease. This of course, can continue indefinitely, either until they choose to get a real tattoo, can afford one, or simply decide to pass. And the same goes for mums who want to get a tattoo but do not know what kind. They can experiment with lots of different temporary tattoos until they find something perfect.

Another reason why mums love temporary tattoos is rather more practical. Some mums turn to temporary tattoos in anticipation of what to say to their children when they reach an age – as most children do – to begin begging for a tattoo. And temporary tattoos provide a practical and affordable means of keeping them happy… albeit until they are 18!
But whether you are looking for fancy dress accessories, an opportunity to ‘see’ what a tattoo might look like or just look for something for the kids, temporary tattoos exist in such an abundance, with contemporary, quirky and traditional designs that it’s little wonder why mums love temporary tattoos.
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