Why the Increase in Tattoo Removal

By | January 4, 2014

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Why The Increase In Tattoo Removal?



There’s a surge in tattoo removal in recent years and there are quite a few people wondering, “Why would you get a tattoo, something pretty permanent, just to get it removed?” Well, my friends, there is a good reason for that… actually, reasons.


The first reason for the increase in tattoo removal is because many people are searching for better jobs, or jobs period. In this economy, the unemployment rate is considerably higher than in years past; consequently, more people are on the job search. Why does this matter? Because many employers do not want to hire someone with tattoos or at least tattoos that are visible while wearing clothes. The reason behind this is because many people still have negative views of tattoos, especially in the corporate world. As briefly mentioned before, there are also people who are trying to find better jobs and this can require tattoo removal as well.


Another reason for more tattoo removal is because people are more willing to give into their buyer’s remorse, as tattoo removal is more efficient and safer due to the invention of laser tattoo removal. Previous tattoo removal methods were crude, painful, and did not truly work; consequently, people who got inked were more inclined to keep their ink because it seemed like a better option than getting your skin literally scraped off. The reason people can get buyer’s remorse about their tattoos is because people simply change their minds as they get older; what seemed like a great idea at 22 may not seem like such a great idea at age 45. Also, people regret their tattoo once they have sobered up; if you are under the influence and decide that a tattoo is your next purchase and then do it, waking up the next morning might be a shocker when you see what you have done.


A third reason for more tattoo removal is the acceptance of it. As mentioned previously, old forms of tattoo removal were not easy sellers due to their harshness and lack of efficiency. Surgery, dermabrasion, etc. were, and sometimes still are, used as tattoo removal methods but with laser tattoo removal, the process is a lot more respectable and less of something you would find in a horror movie. The R20 procedure has definitely helped this case. 


Whatever your reason for getting or wanting tattoo removal, make sure you do your research into that method of removal and understand it; most importantly, make sure you are willing to dedicate to the process completely. If you get the tattoo removed, you will not be able to get that tattoo back in the same spot. 

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