Will My Tattoo Need A Touch-up

By | June 2, 2015

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Best Answer: Sometimes when the skin is healing you'll get a few patches that fall off before the ink gets a chance to take.I found by using Savlon that the scab thickened up too much, dried up, and the scab fell off to leave a patchy tattoo.I just went back and had it touched in.I

It completely depends on the shop. My experience with tattoo shops and feet tattoos differ from place to place. One place will touch up once anywhere for free if they missed any spots, and others will not do touch ups on hands or feet because those spots have the worst tendency to

Should I get my touch-up now? because there is some lines I would like him to fill in in again cause it has slightly faded. with things such as touch ups you need to be careful, Tattoo touch up- artist ruined my tattoo? Answer Questions. Next tattoo?

920 TATTOO COMPANY FAQs DOES IT HURT? Yes it hurts, you need to know a price before you get started. your skin enough time to regenerate and will make your touch up very simple.

Here at INK! we offer 1 Free touch-up to our Tattoos, as needed, but only if we know the Tattoo just didn't heal right, slightly faded, or -You’ll now need to lube your Tattoo more times periodically throughout the day, There is an area on my tattoo that is not done correctly.

A friend told me that they needed a small touch up on a tattoo after it healed, but that this was normal. I've never heard of this before, but then again this is only my first tattoo. Is it normal to need a touch up after your tattoo heals?

How long before I need a touch up on my tattoo? More questions. How long to wait before a tattoo touch up? How long do you have to wait before getting a tattoo touch up? Trending. Is it ok for a 13 year old to get tattooed? 22 answers

The Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with a Peeling Tattoo A peeling tattoo is nothing to be overly concerned about. In fact, it's widely regarded by body artists and dermatologists as a normal part of the healing process.

My tattoo is a red and black nautical star that's on the inside of my left arm that I had done last week, how long will it take before I need to get a touch up?

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Not knowing what would happened I picked at my tattoo, it looks faded can I get a touch up its only been a week You need to wait till it's done healing. Then go get your free touch up. I use Rocco's Old School on my tattoos. All natural.

Causing much scabbing which has resulted in major fading of my tattoo! It looks extremely blotchy and unappealing. How long should I wait before I get it touched up!?

I recently got my first tattoo. Total arrogant bastard, who thinks he can walk on water. His touch up's end up turning into cover ups by me, because of the fact he tries to charge for touch ups on his own shitty work. I'm going to need your help here in posting photos.

Color fade, touch up? new tattoo Advertisements. i'm getting conflicting information on how long to wait until you truly know if you need a touch up for a new tattoo. Do you think I am truly seeing ink loss, it's still healing,

[snip!] funny, so that bottom line needs to be filled in, and the top two biggest ones that make the wings need to be filled in too." And a lot of the time if you get another tattoo they will touch up the other one for free. Add Friend Ignore. lauren [+2] Due March 14; 2 kids;

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