Would You Tattoo a Celebrity's Name on You?

By | January 2, 2014

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Recently, the news went viral that an obviously big fan of the rapper Drake tattooed his name on her forehead. My question is would you tattoo a celebrity’s name anywhere in your body and why? I personally have nothing against tattoos and think it’s art and a way to express yourself for some people. However, putting a tattoo against your forehead of any celebrities name is a publicity stunt or maybe just a little crazy.

I would think anywhere in the body that’s not visible if you are that of a crazy fan then yes but across your forehead is drastic.

Many are pointing the finger and blaming the tattoo artist Kevin Campbell saying he is responsible for doing this horrifying homage. He clearly stated that his decision is to accept her patronage. The reality is everyone needs to understand that at the end of the day he is doing his job which he gets paid to do. The decision is always of the client whether or not you agree they are paying for a service.

After this went viral I wonder if this unnamed fan has any regrets and is she wondering what the rapper Drake thinks of this. I am wondering myself if he has any opinion in regards to this act if I was him I would be both shocked and in some way flattered that any fan would go to those extremes to show the world how much of a fan she is. As a female though I think it brings many challenges not just that she is now exposed for this tattoo but other life obstacles she might face like getting a job, any man being interested in her when she has a tattoo of someone’s else name across her forehead, she doesn’t have any eyebrows now which does not make her look so appealing, etc.

I think before we act we should analyze every angle in which something could affect our life before making drastic life impacting decisions.

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