Wrist Tattoo: Sanskrit Tattoo Designs For You

By | February 10, 2014

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Sanskrit tattoo designs have been around for quite sometime. Most of the designs have shown various symbols of Hindu beliefs to represent each generation.

Initially, strict practitioners of the Hindu and Buddhist faith criticized Sanskrit characters that were used for tattoo designs. The use of holy Sanskrit characters was taboo then. However, now even followers of the Hindu faith have their own interpretation of Sanskrit tattoos.

Currently, surveys say that about one out of six Americans has a tattoo. This means that tattoos have already been widely accepted by the general public. The public and media continue to embrace the tattoo industry. Eventually, more and more tattoo artists entered fray.

More and more elaborate tattoos were created and designed. Safer equipment was developed. Because of this, more areas of the body are now populated with tattoos. Even sensitive parts of the body can be tattooed nowadays. For most of the tattoos, they can be seen on strategic areas of the wrist.

Wrist tattoos are very popular. Having a tattoo at the next most visible part of the body – aside from the face – makes effective brandishing of the design. For the wrist area, there is no better design that can be used except for [Sanskrit tattoo designs.]

A Hit Among Celebrities

Popular celebrities have adopted wrist Sanskrit tattoos. For instance, popular actress Jessica Alba was recently seen with a Sanskrit tattoo in her right inner wrist during the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. The Sanskrit character translates to Padma or “lotus flower.”

The lotus flower signifies spiritual development or the ability of a person to rise above the rest of the crowd. This significance was derived from the metaphor of the lotus flower. Though its roots are deeply buried in the mud of lakes and ponds, its flower raises above the water level in all majestic beauty.

X-Files actress Gillian Anderson also has a Sanskrit tat on her wrist, which translates to “everyday.”

Sanskrit Script Tattoos

The best option for a wrist tattoo is Sanskrit scripts. Usually, these are quotes or passages that are converted into Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient and dead language so the translation would basically mean the same thing even after a number of centuries.

There are numerous websites online that offers translation of liked quotes into Sanskrit. One only has to give the Sanskrit letterings to a tattoo shop after getting the character translation for expert rendition. Voila! An instant wristband!

Areas of the Wrist

People usually get tattoos on the three major areas of the wrist. These three major areas are the circumference of the wrist, the top area of the wrist and the inner wrist.

The first area is covered by a wristband-like tattoo mentioned earlier. It covers the circumference of the wrist. The Sanskrit tattoo becomes an instant bracelet because of the characteristic horizontal line that joins the Sanskrit characters together. The second area is on top of the wrist that will be as visible as the armband tattoo. Sanskrit tattoos located on this area usually remain in memory. Tattoo designs on the arm can easily be covered with t-shirts or long-sleeves polo.

The third location for the Sanskrit tat is the inner wrist area. Inner wrist tattoos are very popular because they are the ones who are usually most interesting. Many people who used inner wrist Sanskrit tattoo designs took their inspiration from a Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

Honoring Ancient Ways with Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

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