5 Easy Steps to Picking the Perfect Tattoo

By | December 27, 2013

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When you decide that you’d like to get a tattoo, one of the most difficult things can be deciding which is the right tattoo for you, so that you make the right choice with this permanent body art. The cost of tattoo removal far outweighs the cost of having it done, so follow these five steps to picking the perfect tattoo so that you won’t live to regret your decision.


1. Color. Color is a big part of many tattoo designs and different colors work better on different skin tones. You should think about whether you’d like you’re tattoo to stand out with a large contrast, or if you’d prefer to have a more natural look that will blend into your look.

2. Your level of tolerance to pain. Tattoos are painful to get, and some areas of your body will cause more discomfort than others. In addition, different colors are often injected at different depths of the skin, with darker colors typically being done deeper which can cause more pain. If you can’t tolerate much pain, choose a lighter colored tattoo in an area with the most fatty tissue.

3. Sizing issues. Think about the size of the tattoo that you would like. Large designs are often eye catching, but come with considerable more cost and time than a smaller design. You should also think about how easy it will be to cover your tattoo with clothing should the need arise.

4. Location and visibility. Think about the placement of your tattoo carefully. You may wish to position it in a place for everyone to see, or you may prefer something personal that is only viewed by those closest to you. Consider the reasons for your tattoo and the people that you would like to see it.

5. Employment Issues. Many employers frown upon tattoos that are visible on their employees. Find out if your employer has any specific policies relating to you getting a tattoo, as this may affect your options, you should also consider your future plans and whether a tattoo could hinder your career.

Choosing to get a tattoo is a big decision, and certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly. Tattoos can be a beautiful expression of your passions, so be sure that you carefully take into account these points before you get a tattoo, as remember that it is something that is with you for life.

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