About Tattooed People and the “Tramp Stamp” Mantra

By | January 29, 2014

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The mere act of getting a tattoo could introduce the “Tramp Stamp” mantra by many people, and there are those who just can’t resist the opportunity to openly verbalize something negative about anyone with tramp stamp tattoos pics (they can kiss my rebel redneck azz ) – and the more tattoos you have, the more negative the comments concerning that little tramp stamp tattoo . Is there any justification for their pampas attitude? Hell No! (I’m being nice here, in case you didn’t guess.)

There is a relationship, in some people’s minds, between a tattoo and violence. This may be understandable (considering some folks just have to let that alligator mouth overload their hummingbird ass.), but having a tattoo/tramp stamp tattoo in and of itself does not make anyone in particular a violent individual. The root cause of this mis-conception may be the result of too many ‘Alligator mouths’. There is no doubt that some violent people have tattoos, but this does not (by any stretch) mean that tattooed people are more violent or proportionally more violent than anyone else. It is not uncommon for someone with no tattoos at all to initiate a confrontation with someone who has several tattoos. Quite a few people with tattoos are, in fact, very much opposed to violence.

There are those who prejudge the female gender and apply the “tramp stamp”. There is an assumption  (and not necessarily just by men) that women with a tattoo/tramp stamp tattoo are sexually promiscuous. The idea is that, if they draw attention to a particular area, they must want the area to be explored more vigorously. My answer to them is, I wouldn’t recommend saying so directly to a woman with such a tattoo. Those who do may wind up counting a few bruises and re-thinking that assumption (can you say ‘azz whoppin’ ).

Having a tattoo/tramp stamp tattoo or many tattoos, even a body covered with tattoos, does not make you stupid, violent, promiscuous or any of the other negative labels – no more than wearing a hat makes you a cowboy or adding a feather to the hat makes you a Native American Indian. Simply put, you are and will always be who you are if you do or do not have a tattoo/tramp stamp tattoo. Labeling is simply immature, odious and just plain offensively jejune.

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