About Tattoos and Tattoo Artists

By | December 18, 2013

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Tattoos hurt a lot and it is a fact. You can ask any tattooed person and they will tell you. Tattoos do hurt and they hurt quite a bit. It is like getting pricked into your skin. It does bleed and it is very normal that it does so; do not get frightened. Some people look at the blood and get freaked out. If you are the kinds who do then I would not recommend you to get a tattoo. There are people to whom the pain is a great feeling. Some people really like the feeling and I do not blame them it gives a feeling of freedom or purity and honesty.

Like Johnny Cash says “I focus on the pain the only thing that’s real”. Tattooing is an art to some it is a just something nice looking. There are different kinds of artists some of them are extremely amazing. They are all trained professionals or then have been into the field for quite a while. The Miami ink is a very famous soap opera which talks about the different tattoo artists and I believe they are amazing. Have seen some of their work and it is amazing.

There is another soap called L.A ink and that is amazing. It is one of my favorite. There is a tattoo artist Kat Von D who is my favorite artist and I hope to get a tattoo from her some day. She is a specialist at portraits and it is a dream of mine to get a tattoo from her. There are number of tattoo artists in Los Angeles. They make a very good amount of money. They are content with what they are doing. It is a passion for them. They are artists as well. They want to share some art.

I would definitely support them. Tattoo artists are few but an excellent tattoo artist are very difficult to find. It is very important to take precautionary measures while you get a tattoo done. First of all you need to care about the needle the artist is using. It could cause you your life or some disease. It is very dangerous so it is always better that you know the tattoo artist and they should be trained professionals. This will definitely save you of a lot of troubles. There are ways that you minimize the pain.

Make sure your not drunk or on any drugs as that thins out the blood causing more bleeding. Choose the right tattoo artist this is very important. It is because you need to be comfortable. If you are not then it will take more time which is more pain. Listen to music it definitely distracts you from thinking about the pain. If you are in too much pain then you must let the tattoo artist know as he could then probably give you more breaks or call you some other day. It is always better to do it in more number of sittings as it definitely divides the pain.

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