Aftercare For A Tattoo On The Foot

By | July 8, 2015

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Tattoo Removal Post-Treatment Information foot). Limit physical activities such as working out, sports, however if aftercare is not followed they can occur. The signs to look for are foul odor, fever, red streaks from area, yellow-green drainage,

Tattoo and Body Piercing Operation Inspection Checklist This is a: No tattoo equipment or supplies stored in the restroom (7) Aftercare procedures observed being provided to customers upon completion of their tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo Studio Requirements Aftercare instructions NO Food, Drink or Smoking at stations Clients advised of risks before tattoo administered Lighting for booth – 20 foot candles at 36 inches off ground An auto clave is needed on site,

Tattoo Piercing Tattoo and Piercing Reason for Inspection: Pre-Operative Inspection Aftercare instructions provided to client Additional comments:

Skin Preparation, Aseptic Technique and Aftercare .. 19 Section 15 – Tattooing: Pattern Transfer tattoo parlors, 37.112.103(16) used for single-point piercings that has a foot no longer than 8mm in length. (36)

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•Rest and Elevation: Continue to rest and elevate (especially important for tattoos on the ankle or foot aftercare is not followed they can Call the office if you suspect an infection. •Before your next appointment: Apply SPF 50 or higher to tattoo when in direct sun light

DISTRICT HEALTH UNIT REGULATIONS FOR TATTOO AND BODY ART 1. “Aftercare” means written instructions given to the client, specific to the body art procedure(s) rendered, 20 foot candles measured 3 feet off the floor,

There shall be at least 20 foot candles of light equivalent throughout the establishment. The operator shall maintain procedures for appropriate tattoo and piercing aftercare. Operator must maintain for each tattoo service performed,

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