Angel Skull Tattoo Design Ideas

By | December 28, 2013

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It might seem strange to mix together angels and skulls in a tattoo, but they actually go surprisingly well together. Angels and skulls have similar, although opposite, meanings. The similarities and contrasting themes allow for an interesting angel skull tattoo design idea.

The meaning of angel and skull tattoo designs. Both angels and skulls are popular tattoo design ideas. This is mostly because they both deal with death in some way, and we in the human race are obsessed with that great unknown. It is because angels and skulls both deal with death, that they make interesting angel skull tattoo design ideas.

The meaning of angel tattoos. Angels are considered warriors in the battle against sin. The angel Michael fought against Satan with his glowing sword. More often than that, angels represent protection from harm. They are guardians, warning someone against danger or leading them to safety. In relation to actual death, and not protecting someone from it, angels are also those that lead the way into the afterlife after someone has died.

Angels are the softness of death. They show beauty in death, and the afterlife. For angels, death comes with guidance.

The meaning of skull tattoos. Skulls in tattoos are most often human skulls, although sometimes you can find animal skulls. This article refers to human skulls, though. Skull tattoos are often used to show fearlessness. They give a feeling of intimidation, like the person wearing the skull art is someone to be feared, and who fears nothing. Not even death. The most common meaning of a skull tattoo is of human, physical death. This is the body when it no longer holds life.

Skulls are the harshness of death. It shows the physical reality of death. There is no soul that is guided by an angel. It is your body, empty.

Angel skull tattoo design idea of a skeleton angel. This angel skull tattoo design is mixing those contradictions of death based on the meanings of angels and skulls. It will combine the soft, and spiritual, side of death, with that of the harsh reality of death. Create a tattoo design of a skeleton. It should be the entire skeleton, and not just the skull. You can place the skeleton in torn clothing if you want, or even put it in a long robe. Or, the skeleton doesn’t need clothes at all. Now, you will turn the skeleton into an angel. Place large, and beautiful, feathered wings on it’s back. Have them spread out wide. Above the skeleton’s head should be a shining halo. If you want to make your skeleton angel a warrior angel, then give it a sword.

Angel skull tattoo design idea of an angel and a skeleton gambling. The idea for this angel skull tattoo design came from the opposite representations of angels and skulls when it comes to death. Angels make death beautiful, and skulls make it scary. Many people argue over which is the truth based on their own beliefs. This angel skull tattoo design idea pits the two against each other in a game of chance. Create an angel skull tattoo design of an angel and a skeleton playing cards, roulette, craps, or even darts. Pick your favorite, or the one you are the best at. The angel should be beautiful, with flowing hair, white robe, and shiny halo. The skeleton should look a lot less pretty. You could even put a top hat on him, another common tattoo design. What are they playing for? Life. Death. Heaven. Hell. To be the reigning champion over death. It is easy to imagine the skeleton cheating with an Ace behind his back.

Angel skull tattoo design idea of a gothic angel with skulls. Seeing a beautiful angel alongside a skull might seem a bit strange. So, who says you can’t make the angel a bit creepier and more related to the dark side of death? Create an angel skull tattoo design idea of a gothic angel. She(or he) should be wearing darker clothes, leather, frilly dark dresses, etc. Place leather wrist buckles on their arms. Give the gothic angel dark red lipstick, and dark eyes. The choices are yours. The wings could be dark in color, too. With the gothic angel, place one or many skulls.

Angel skull tattoo design idea of a skull with feathers and halo. Sure, why not? Most people put top hats on their skull tattoos. Instead, place a tarnished, and no longer shining, halo on the skull’s head. Make sure the halo isn’t floating above the head. It should be as if it has fallen from its place, and is now tilted and resting on the skull. All around the skull, place random feathers. These are feathers that once belonged to wings.


Skull with Top Hat Tattoo Meaning,

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