Why Angel Tattoos are so Popular?

By | June 8, 2013

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The actual term angel is actually derived from a Greek word ‘Angeloi’ or ‘messenger’.

Angel tattoos are popular layouts for men as well as for women and usually take on theappearance of the cherubs sitting down on a cloud some times they will look as an avenging angel .

Angels tend to be spiritual beings which are considered to be a lot more powerful as compared to human beings.

They have been looked at as creations of a distinct order coming from humans and occasionally as the spirits associated with highly developed humans.

One of the most popular selection for angel baby tattoos throughout commemorative and even a “Rest in peace” tattooed as an ability to remember of the cherished one having died.

Throughout biblical periods it was usually believed that the will of God or ‘God’s Work’ appeared to be carried out by angels.

angel-tattoos-fallen-angelGuardian angels are the guardian of souls and therefore are divine creatures but have been shown to be fallible and vulnerable to sin, especially ego.

One of the best known examples of a ‘fallen angel‘ is Satan.

The actual meaning associated with angels and their appearanceshave varied throughout the historical past.

Artists have represented angels as winged beings, generally gorgeous physiques suffused in light, being seen wearing bright robes, suspended on clouds, from time to time in human being form or as an angelic ‘symphony from heavens’.

For religious persons it tend to be intelligent spiritual creatures designated to look after and protect everyone on earth. The complete opposite of the angel devil tattoos.

Curiously, the angels present in the American Bible didn’t have a set of wings.

angel-tattoos-Guardian_AngelEach person has a guardian angel assigned to them.

These types of angels are to help the individual in obtaining their eternal salvation.

Additionally, these angels protect groups of individuals and nations around the world.

Other people make reference to these guardian angels as leading spirits which control or guide and specifically help in personal safety.

However, they were always the bearer of important news from God.

They frequently came down to Earth to propagate an important message.

Then again, somewhere in early stages in history artists which involve painters, stain glass artists together with calligraphers that developed illuminated pages from the holy Bible did in fact integrate a pair of wings to the angels, seraphim together with nymphs that visited earth.

The reason why this was done or where it started has been lost in historybut it can be seen just about everywhere.

You actually can’t come across an angelic being without having a pair of white feathery wings.

Perhaps artists wanted to show angels with special powers and also have some approach to represent an angel as looking different than human beings.

Obviously the suggestions that Heaven is somewhere over us in the clouds or way up in the sky in some enchanting place must have lead early artists to the conclusion that angels needed some form of transportation between heaven and earth.

This might have resulted in the wide use of angel wings. Who knows precisely how this really all began but it is clear today: anyone with a pair of wings must be a special being from God.

angel-tattoos-wing-leftangel-tattoos-wing-rightProbably the most traditional of all angel wing tattoo designsare the feathered wings done on the upper back as well as entire back.

These are generally completed in black ink only along with kinds of feathery multiple layered effect.

An additional popular choice regarding angels tattoos is to have a more representative image of wings along with a little less realistic looking.


These tats can be achieved in a tribal tattoo designs style.

Once again these generally make use of gray scale and are done in black ink only.

Yet don’t let that prevent you from adding beautiful colors and more details into your own angel tattoos.


The other forms of angel wing tattoos are not the tattoo by itself but instead an incorporation of other symbols.

For instance, a heart with a pair of wings is certainly a common theme for either a lower back tattoo or a chest tattoo.

angel-tattoos-chatYou don’t have to end up being tied to these choices alone either.

If you have your own personal idea of a free form angel  tattoo designs that you like, then do it.

Anything that communicates your own different personality will make a great angel tattoo.

For example, you might want a cat angel tattoo designs or something like a much more vibrant looking angel wings.

Angel tattoos can be achieved as body tattoo designs in a vast variety of  patterns.



The place you pick is absolutely your decision and your own personal choice.

The most typical spot for an angel and fairy tattoos is definitely on theupper arm or perhaps upper body for men and on the shoulder or full-backand lower back for ladies.


In fact, it’s you that will be wearing this specific tattoo for the rest of your life.

Consequently it is very important that you choose a design location and style that you will be proud of.

Angel women tattoos as well as wings tattoos usually are another popular style of tattoo. Often peple will blend angels or wings to create a fantasticChristian tattoo.

angel-tattoos-wingsThey can certainly be tattooed full size on the back in black ink and will look extremely amazing.


Overall, angels represent protection, perhaps the most common reason why a lot of people get angel tattoos.

Several people outline deceased loved ones or buddies as guardian angels within their particular angel tattoos as a way to immortalize them or keep them close to their heart.

However it’s not exceptional to find out angel tattoos around the inner wrist or simply on the ankle!


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