Any tattoo artists out there? I have a question about gaining muscle with a tattoo?

By | January 24, 2014

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I'm planning on getting an armband tattoo on my left bicep. I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding changes/distortions that could affect his tattoo if the size of my arm increases. Let's say a 50% increase in size over the course of five years after I get the tattoo.

WoW, If you actually increased your arm 50% insize your problems would be more then just the tattoo, there are not many individuals that can tolerate sever enlargement of any area of the body without cause skin damage. Scaring or Stretch marks can occur in the dermis middle layer and appear as reddish or purple lines, but tend to gradually fade to a lighter color.

The stretch marks will form along areas were there is no support within the dermis. Stretching plays more of a role in where the marks occur and in what direction they run. Stretching alone is not the cause.

Stretch marks are most likely to show up were you have more fat cells stored. Most common places are the belly (especially near the belly-button), breasts, upper arms, underarms.

Since it is a tearing in the middle layer the skin, the tattoo will be affected, if this accrues it is best to wait at lest a year to let the skin repair some of the damage, even micro abrasion can help to produce a healthier skin dermis base to tattoo. Main issue is the skins cell structure has been damaged and is not going to ever recover, this will cause some distortion in the Image and may cause bleed over in to ascendant areas when tattooed.

Color tattoos with lower details are a better choice, while high detailed images could suffer permeate image quality reduction, if you are really expecting to grow 50% percent I would recommend waiting unless the image is going to be placed in areas that rarely suffer stretchmarks.

Now if you already have stretchmarks and want to camouflage them I recommend finding an artist who has experiences at this type of tattooing, selection is as important as application and is on a individual bases as each case is different skin types, severity of scaring and pain Level tolerances. The experienced artist is a must or it could look worse.

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