Appleton, Wisconsin, Tattoo Shops

By | December 19, 2013

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The first place that I’ve ever gone to get tattooed is called Flesh Chamber, and I’ve known a few people that have gone there to get some ink. Their work is descent, but Anthony is by far the best artist there. There’s usually a longer wait to get an appointment with him, with good reason though.

The second place I went to get some ink is Needle Freaks. They used to be in Menasha, but recently moved the shop to Appleton. I would not suggest going here, the tattoos are okay at best and the atmosphere is really unprofessional. If you’re a female, be prepared to get hit on by the owner the entire time.

A tattoo shop in the mall? Yes, at first I was a little weary about a tattoo shop in the Fox River Mall, but I must admit, I am very very impressed with the artwork that I’ve seen there. I’ve seen a lot of work from a lot of different places in this area, some good, some not so good. Colt, the owner of Colt’s Timeless Tattoo, is very professional and an amazing tattoo artist. I haven’t seen any of his work that I haven’t liked. If you are looking for a place to get some ink, I would highly recommend going here.

One other place that I’ve seen some amazing work and have heard only good things about is Big Guns Tattoo. The colored tattoos there are especially amazing. I know a few people that will only go here to get their tattoos done because they truly do great work.

Some other places, such as River of Ink and Fox Valley Tattoo, are a few of the places that only have mediocre work. If you don’t really care where you go get ink, you can check out these places, but assuming you would probably want the best artist to put very permanent images on your body, don’t go to these places.

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