Are All Laser Hair Removal Techniques Safe And Effective?

By | December 26, 2013

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Laser Hair removal techniques and gadgets are increasingly becoming popular these days. Though the various treatment options are not fully verified to be safe by the FDA, the health department list a variety of health standards to ensure the safety of clients who are undergoing such kind of treatment regimen to remove unwanted hair in any part of their skin.

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Labeling of laser devise is very important when undergoing laser treatment. Your physician, or laser treatment operatoris your number one guide for information regarding the safety and risk factor information on any laser treatment devices and technique being used by laser clinics nationwide.

The Federal Drug Administration maintains a database and is the FDAs approved legal site which houses roster for manufacturers which were given FDA clearances for laser hair removal treatment devices and techniques.

Seeking and requesting this information from your domestic aesthetic clinic will help you tailor your decisions to continue treatment and opt and request for another clinic or manufacturer for another laser devices that are approved to be equally safe and effective in the conduct of these services.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Permission to Market

Although the provision of laser treatment permission to manufacturers and clinic alike are given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this branch of US Department of Health and Human Services does not condone clinics which advertises laser treatment and other techniques and devices to the public.

Under the law, permission to offer is warranted but should not be advertised to the public as this science is not yet scientifically verified and should not be given full consent to endorse it to the general market.

Hidden Risk Involved in Laser Hair Removal

Somehow, the government is warning the public of the hidden risk that is not yet manifesting to the general public who are frequenting the use of this novel technique in active hair removal option.

The federal government is still conducting studies about the health risk involved in the administration such technique which will mark, determine and shape the future of this cosmetic business.

Some clinics and cosmetic labs may internally advertise about permanent reduction which confuses the public over permanent hair removal phrase. This is the same reason why the FDA does not officially endorses any laser system and techniques over any other due to these discrepancies and unestablished facts.

Moreover, in several statistical reviews, one laser treatment may favor and benefit one user over another and another laser treatment option and technique uniquely benefiting another user.

These figures leads to current conclusions about the effectiveness of one laser treatment over another and how these cosmetic laboratory techniques should be recommended to different type of patients which differs on their existing hair conditions.

Body Laser Hair Removal and Facial Hair Removal

Cosmetic Labotories are now enjoying the benefit of getting approval from the FDA about using the same laser gadgets to remove bodily hairs for use in facial hair treatment.

Just recently, many clinics are getting clear results on the effectiveness of body laser hair removal therapy for the removal of facial hairs and wrinkles as well.

Safety and Risk Factors on Skin Radiation Therapy

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a kind of low level laser therapy (LLLT) which poses less-than-the-usual hair removal laser gadgets. FDA cleared the manufacture of these gadgets on 1997 as an effective treatment for wrinkle and unwanted facial and body hairs.

These laser treatments, along with so-called Biostimulation lasers, were approved for compliance with the current FDA health standard together with the Laser Product Report to the appropriate health and or US radiation department for approval.

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