Are tattooed wedding bands detrimental to employment?

By | December 17, 2013

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My fiance, though he loves his ring, isn't one to wear jewelry and mentioned getting one tattooed. However, after college, he'll be going into a professional field and I wouldn't want him to be passed up for jobs because of a permanent ring on his finger. While hand tattoos are generally frowned upon in the workplace, would the same reaction occur if it was a wedding band?

Tattoos are an announcement and advertisement of your values and beliefs, and are open to the independent appraisal of others. An exposed tattoo, even one intended as a wedding band is not traditional. In other words, it is like a loose canon which may set off the viewer either positively or negatively.

Your prospective employer has enough to worry about running a business. Do you think they want to worry about how their customers are going to react when they see your fiance's tattoo? Having employment difficulties is not a good way to start off a marriage.

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