Back of Neck Tattoos

By | December 24, 2013

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From decades, tattoos have been used as a mean to show off the way you think, your personality, and the unique style that you want to wear. These body arts can be worn on almost all places on the body, starting from the head to the toe. There are few people who are so crazy about wearing tattoos that they have got their whole body covered with intricate and colorful tattoos. Though tattoos can be worn anywhere on the body, wearing back of neck tattoos is one of the best options for sporting simple and small tattoos.

Wearing these tattoos is the best way to portray about your style, personality, and thinking in a somewhat laid back manner. Generally, back of the neck tattoos can be worn by women as well as men, however, small and simple tattoos may only look good on women. If men want to wear back of the neck tattoos, a good idea is to get a single bigger tattoo done, or combine that tattoo with a shoulder or back tattoo to create intricate designs. However, there are some men who prefer to wear simple tattoos on the back of their neck, which do not have a feminine look.

Tattoos at the Back of Neck

The back of the neck is an area on which a slightly bigger tattoo will also look good. And because of this reason, the possibilities of wearing any kind of tattoos increase. Celtic cross tattoos are quite popular options for back of the neck tattoos. You can even put your initials as tattoos on the back of the neck, which will show your identity. Another good option would be to wear a tattoo with the name of your loved one in the font you like. In order to display femininity, girls can wear several different types of flower tattoos with colors.

A Chinese symbol tattoo also makes a good choice for back of the neck tattoos. A cute option for girls is wearing a tattoo with a chain of different kinds of flowers around their neck. Other choices for girls are lip tattoos, small butterfly tattoos, angel tattoo designs, small star tattoos, bird tattoos, and many other similar types. Guys can wear any kind of Celtic tattoo designs and symbols, or patterns of tribal tattoos. To show your spiritual side, you can wear a tattoo with any book, chapter, and verse from the Bible.

If girls want to extend their tattoo to the back, one good style is to have stars in a line from the top of the neck till the lower end of the back. This is a really good alternative if a girl wants to show her back in style. Music note tattoos are other simple and sweet kind of tattoos for girls. Cute heart tattoos can be worn to give an impression about you being a very loving person. Similarly, you do have a wide range of options in combining some tattoo types, to create a tattoo of your liking.

I hope the above article might have been useful in giving some information on back of neck tattoos. Remember that only choosing the right tattoo is not important, you also have to consider back of neck tattoo care.

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