Barb Wire Tattoo Designs – One Of The Top 10 Tattoo Designs Trends

By | December 31, 2013

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One of the popular tattoos nowadays is a barb wire tattoo designs. These tattoo designs are generally favored equally by both men and women. In most cases, they feature as armband tattoos. They are also the preferable choice with celebrities; one of them is Pamela Anderson. Barb wire tattoo designs originated in jail houses culture and were later adopted by Latin Americans from South California. Usually, they will be complemented by a ‘NO TRESPASSING’ type of mark and stand for security and preserving. Recently,

barb wire tattoo designs have also been trusted by contemporary tribal tattoo artist.

Locations For Your Tattoo

In most cases, you will find them upon the upper arm as an arm band tattoo.

They also can be spotted on other locations of the body such as: The wrists, the back the neck and ankle.


Not so long ago, there were employers whom discouraged their employees from obtaining tattoos on noticeable body parts or even having any tattoos at all.

Now, however, as their popularity rises in modern society many employers tend to “overlook” one of the world’s hottest trends. However, one should definitely well consider a tattoo location prior to obtaining one, especially when it involves an easily spotted place. Just bear in mind, that there are still work places where a tattoo might stand between you and the perfect job. This issue can be easily solved by wearing long sleeves at work (needless to mention your interview).

Therefore, take the time to consider your tattoo location.


Another location for barb wire tattoo designs can be the back. The back is a great place to feature any kind of tattoo and a barbed wire tattoo in particular. As the back has a large area of skin, it holds nearly endless possibilities. Some people prefer to use this kind of design to complement another design. The rose and the heart designs are amongst the popular ones, but the truth is that these designs may well fit many other designs. Growing in popularity are cross tattoos designs garnished with barb wire.

Examples of applying these designs: from one shoulder to the other or across the back starting from the neck all the way down through the spine to the bottom.

Neck and Waist

Last but not least, the neck and waist. These locations are not for everyone; however, I have seen individuals with some sort of necklace barbed wire or as a strip around their waist. Bear in mind, the neck is as visible as it gets. But, if that possibility has crossed your mind then you probably already were meant to have one of the most fancy barb wire tattoo designs anyway.

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