Body Art – Tattoo Stereotypes

By | December 17, 2013

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‘Tattoo stereotypes’ is a burning issue these days. You might consider tattooing as a rather strong form of body art and mode of expression. However many people are accepting, getting and flaunting tattoos, despite the earlier conceptions formed about them. Even now, there is a part of society, which believes in many tattoo stereotypes.

In this article, we look about different tattoo stereotypes and will discover how true or false they are.

One of the most common tattoo stereotypes is that tattoos are for bikers and gangsters only. There was a time when mostly the bikers and gangsters used to have tattoos but then there was also a time when only the pirates had tattoos. Times have changed. These days you will see people with tattoos who do not even know how to ride the bike and forget about them being a part of a gang.

Another common tattoo stereotype is that only irresponsible people have tattoos. This is the same reason why tattoos are often associated with teenagers. The truth is that only a small percentage of people get tattoos out of spontaneity or irresponsibility. The rest of the lot with tattoos consists of responsible beings. They put in a lot of thought into what kind of tattoo they want and where they want it.

Due to the above mentioned tattoo stereotype people with visible tattoos often find it difficult to land at the job they otherwise qualify for. However, the employers must realize that having a tattoo does not have any effect on the person’s nature or the person’s ability to perform at the job.

The so called ‘tramp stamp’ is also one of the huge and sad tattoo stereotypes. The tramp stamp is the name given to the tattoo, which is located at the lower back of the females. This tattoo stereotype is in fact an example of how far a society can go in being judgmental. Unless the tattoo does not explicitly mention something promiscuous, nothing can be decided about a female who has a tattoo at the lower back.

There are only a few people who have tattoos just for the sake of having one. Some people wear tattoo as an admiration of this form of body art. Most of the people get tattoos to express a certain feeling, aspiration, inspiration, or association to a partner, parents, or children etc. The tattoo stereotypes are usually not true. So, the tattoos should be given the respect that they deserve.

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