Body Hair Removal Methods

By | January 29, 2014

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If you’re aimed at getting rid of unwanted hair, you’ll want to consider your options. There are several methods for body hair removal. They are broken down into two different categories. These are temporary and permanent methods. The length of time that the hair takes to grow back depends on the type of hair removal method used. In addition, take into consideration the work involved if you’re going to do it yourself or turn to a professional to do it.

There are eight different temporary body hair removal methods. These methods include shaving, friction, waxing, threading, creams, tweezing, sugaring, and rotary epilators. The only one of these needed to be done by a professional is threading. Therefore you have quite the selection if you want to do it yourself. Hair removal for creams, shaving, and friction only last from several hours to several days depending upon the individual person and the method chosen. A little longer lasting is the use of waxing, threading, tweezing, rotary epilators, and sugaring. These forms of body hair removal methods can last anywhere from several days to several weeks, again depending upon the individual.

Permanent hair removal methods include, flashlamp, laser, and electrolysis.

Of these, flashlamp is the only one you cannot do at home. Companies have made home versions of electrolysis so this one is doable for home usage. Others that involve usage that is continuous are prescription oral medicine, home-use laser, and prescription topical medicines.

While all of these methods are effective, some are preferred. Some also are recommended over others. For example waxing is more time saving than tweezing for larger areas. Believe it or not it is also less painful than electrolysis. Also these methods are preferred for those who do not want to place chemicals on or in their bodies. Chemicals such as the ones found in creams and prescription medicine.

Another procedure not necessarily a hair removal method is called bleaching. This method lightens the color of the hair. This is a good method for facial hair. However consider the fact that it is a chemical. Read all instructions on the bottle before applying it.

Interestingly enough one type of hair method removal was banned in the United States. This method is by X-ray. Discovered in 1895 it was soon being used by physicians in 1920 to remove hair by use of radiation. However, since the spread of rumors in the 1940’s about it’s danger its use eventually became outlawed.

According to hair there are a few hair removal methods that are just plain scams. These are electric tweezers, transdermal electrolysis, and hair growth inhibitors. states that electric tweezers are marketed as a permanent solution. However, actual facts prove differently. With the transdermal electrolysis there is no proof scientifically that this hair removal method works. As far as the growth inhibitors there is no proof here either except with the brand Vaniqua.

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