Can I Get An Accurate Design For My Aramaic Tattoo From An eBook?

By | December 29, 2013

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The short answer is Yes! and you can get it at a bargain, too.

But you need to keep in mind: not only are good Aramaic translators in short supply, eBooks themselves are frequently anonymously written, after which the resell rights are bought, sold and traded across the web. Caveat emptor! Fortunately, by asking a few questions, you can ensure you end up with that gorgeous bargain priced Aramaic tattoo design!

First Commandment

Know Your Seller

Don’t know if your seller is the author of the eBook you’re considering, and there’s nothing on their website explicitly naming them as the author? Chances are they’re a reseller that sells numerous eBooks whose contents they know nothing about. If you get your eBook from them and there’s a problem with it, then they can’t help you and you have no real recourse if you’re harmed (like getting an inaccurate tattoo on your body). eBook resellers come and go, they’re the definitive “fly by night” operation.

Quick Tip

Avoid Spammers

There’s no need for paranoia, but here’s why you want to avoid spammers: they’ll sell your email address and they didn’t get to the top of search listings because they’re up on their linguistics. In fact, spammers are the most likely to simply resell any old eBook without verifying that the contents are accurate, so protect yourself.
How do you identify a spammer’s target site (ie the site that they’re trying to direct you to). Simple: copy the url and do a search for it. How many hits come up? If you’re looking at over a hundred thousand hits, and you weren’t looking up, say, the BBC, or, then do you really believe that all of those hits are high quality, human created hits? Not sure? Go click on a couple of them and do “find” on the url. What’s the content? Is it a review? Is it a drive by “this is my link?” Do you get a lot of “free search listings” sites? A lot of sites with incomprehensible paragraphs? Then you have a site that rose to the top of the pile by spamming, possibly by hiring professional spammers. Typically, these guys will also be relatively new. Whereas the other high rankings translators have been around for years, the spammer will be months and still out ranking them, and their url mentions aren’t due to a review or anything useful, just a signature or other form of spam.

Know Your Author

And Your Translator, Too (Hint: They May Not Be The Same Person)

Now that you’ve determined who the seller is in relation to the book, have a look over the document to see if you can identify the actual translator and/or author. A legitimate eBook is easy to spot: the translator and author are fine associating their real name with their product and they put their qualifications (experience and/or credentials) where they’re easy to spot. What should you run like mad from? An anonymous translator or an author that’s coy about where the translations come from. Why? Because, at best, you may not be able to confirm their qualifications if they’re anonymous. At worst, there isn’t a translator at all. Turns out there are folks out there that simply collect OTHER peoples’ tattoo art, with or without their permission, and with or without checking the translation.

Third Commandment

Know The Contents

This ought to be common sense, but we all know how rare common sense is: don’t buy anything if you don’t know what’s in it! What’s the use of a hundred Aramaic tattoo designs if not one of them is one you want on your skin? It’s unreasonable to expect to peruse the whole document before you buy it, but an index listing exactly what words, phrases, and other contents are in your book is required. The corollary to this is: get samples of the quality of the images. You need a large high resolution image to get a good quality tattoo, the characters of your translation can’t be too thin or cramped or too warped in the making of the design, or it will turn into an illegible blur in a year or two.

Tattoo Translation Verification (sm)

Get A (Free) Second Opinion

If you’re nervous about the reliability of your translation, however you received it, there’s an easy, free solution: have a professional translator review the translation for you. Always check twice before bleeding once. Steve Caruso has been offering free tattoo translation verifications since before he was offering translations commercially. To receive yours, email him at [email protected] with the following information:

1. The translation image.
2. The English you asked to have translated, with any relevant grammatical information such as gender.
3. The dialect and script you asked for your translation in.
4. Who your translator was.
You could be saving yourself from a disfiguring mistake, and you’ll be helping your fellow translation seekers out. We use the information we collect to keep track of the good guys and those that are passing bad translations.

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