Celtic Tattoo Designs – Symbols From a Proud Heritage

By | January 26, 2014

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So you want to stand out from the crowd? Be a little different? But you don’t know what to do, well why not treat yourself to some Celtic tattoo designs.

These designs originated, some of them many thousands of years ago in the Celtic regions of the world, notably Scotland, Ireland and occasionally Wales. The Celts were fierce warriors and were intensely proud people, both of which are reflected in the amazing designs that they produced.

The most traditional designs are the Celtic cross and the Celtic Knot.

People directly descended from the Celts ie the Scots, Irish and Welsh take extreme pride in their history and lineage and many of them are known to proudly bear Celtic tattoo designs. For many of these people the opportunity to wear an ancient Celtic tattoo is a way of expressing respect for their ancestors and showing the pride in the lineage.

These designs are often very complex and can sometimes make people think twice about getting them done. As long as 6 hours in the chair may be required to complete a single design.

Nowadays, especially with the modern designs, not every Celtic symbol has a historic significance. However, many of the traditional Celtic designs do indeed have a historic significance and it can be literally fascinating delving into history to find out the importance of your tattoo.

The complex pattern of the Celtic tattoo designs have many meanings and often they represent the interweaved strands of life love and faith amongst others.

I hope that this small article has kindled your desire to have your very own Celtic tattoo inked. Although they can be complex and possibly even expensive to have done, the end result will stun you and your friends.

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