Cross Tattoo Design Ideas

By | December 21, 2013

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Cross tattoo designs are very popular, but that doesn’t mean they are overdone. Crosses have deep meaning for many people, and that symbol will last forever. No matter your religion, or choice of cross, these ideas can be used to give your tattoo design an added touch. Some of them help to strengthen the religious meaning behind the cross, while others just add some style to the cross tattoo design.

Types of crosses: There are many types of crosses, from several religions, that can be used in a tattoo. Each of them looks different, and often have different meanings associated with them. Some different crosses are the Latin, Greek, Patriarchal, Jerusalem, St. Andrews and Celtic. Choose the type you prefer, or that is most important to you, and then add one of these little extras to make the cross something different.

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Tribal cross tattoo:Tribal tattoos no longer hold the same use and meaning that they used to in times long ago. Any design with black swirls and shapes is considered “tribal” because it mimics the tattoos of the Maori, Aboriginal and other indigenous tribes. Anyone who wishes to could use tribal designs to create a cross. Tribal cross tattoos are actually pretty popular but each one looks different based on the artist and the wearer’s ideas.

Gothic cross tattoo: Gothic crosses do not have to have any religious meaning at all. In fact, they are most often associated with opposite belief or of the darker side of death. What makes gothic crosses so popular is their creepy beauty. To make your cross gothic in design, it should appear to look like it is made of wrought iron. Look at photos of Germanic style crosses and use what you find in your design. It should end up looking like something you would see in Dracula’s castle.

Wooden cross tattoo: When Jesus was crucified it was on a wooden cross. You can turn your cross design into a wooden cross that could easily represent the crucifixion. To make it a Resurrection Cross, there would be purple material draped over the horizontal beam. Add a crown of thorns at the top. A wooden cross does not have to only represent the crucifixion, but can also show how faith is fragile, yet it endures through time. The wooden cross could be aged, covered in moss, but still standing.

Nail cross tattoo: Jesus was nailed to the cross when he was crucified, and those nails have become symbolic of his death and suffering. You could create a tattoo of a cross made from two nails. Use old masonry nails for the design, as nails of today did not exist during the time Jesus might have lived. Make the design look as if the nails are digging into your skin. There should be drops of blood where the nails have broken the flesh.

Anchor cross tattoo: The anchor is an excellent choice for people who have “faith” but do not call themselves “Christians.” The anchor is not just used for mariners. The anchor keeps ships afloat during storms, just as faith does for many people. The anchor can be made to look more like a cross, but it is obvious how similar the two are. Perhaps, you could create a tattoo design of both an anchor and a traditional cross together as one.


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