Cute ankle tattoo ideas For Girls – Classically ankle tattoo ideas for Tats

By | December 23, 2013

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When you’re a girl thinking about getting a tattoo, there are lots of options open to you. But the most feminine spots for tats are the lower back and the ankle. Ankle tattoos in particular are a great choice because they draw attention to the leg and look great in heels. Cute ankle tattoo ideas for girls are found in many different styles, designs, and shapes.
A lot of women and girls think that the ankle is the ideal location for tattoos because it’s easy to show them off and easy to cover up if you need to, Also ankle tattoo ideas are easy to find even online. They are a great way to show off the smooth and sleek shape of the leg, so if you have toned and beautiful calves then the ankle is a great location for a tattoo. They’re great ways to celebrate summer, as you’re mostly living in shorts and sandals during the hot summer months. But it’s easy to pull on a pair of jeans and pants if you need to cover up for work or a formal occasion where you want to conceal your tattoo.
Ankle tats are also small, so they are usually on the cheaper end of the tattoo spectrum. Taking a look at the flash art displayed in tattoo studios, or online at Internet tattoo design galleries can show you just how many designs are possible. You can go with something soft and classically girly, like a butterfly, flower, or heart. Or you can go with something a little rougher to show your tomboy side. You can choose from wraparound styles that look like anklet bracelets, or you can tattoo a single image on the outside of the ankle.
There are a few logistical drawbacks to getting an ankle tattoo, namely irritation and pain. Because the ankle is at the end of the leg, ankle tats are prone to bleeding more, so try to stay off your feet for at least a few hours and take it easy for the next few days after getting inked. And if you’re getting an ankle tat, it’s best to get it in the warm months when you can keep jeans and pants from rubbing on it to irritate it.
Ankle tattoos are also typically more painful than other types of tattoos because of their location. Fleshier areas of the body with more muscle tissue like biceps and thighs are less painful, but areas of thin skin overlaying a bone are going to hurt worse. Unfortunately, this means your ankle tattoo will probably be one of the more painful types.
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