Different Types of Aircraft Hangar Designs

By | December 17, 2013

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Aircraft Hangars – An Overview

An aircraft hangar is a building or structure that stores aircrafts and the place where an aircraft undergoes service, maintenance or amendments. In short, aircraft hangars are “fancy garages” meant for airplanes. Their design varies from a plain shady structure that protects and maintains the airplanes to avant-garde ones with a controlled environment and mechanical facilities complete with robots. Each hangar is so designed that it lessens the maintenance duration so that the flying creatures can carry on their work efficiently.

Aircraft hangars are mainly sectioned into three distinct areas – the hangar bay, the maintenance/repair area, and the administration/operations area. The hanger bay area offers basic services such as detaching engines, changing wheels, etc., whereas the maintenance area is where major overhauling or repair of aircrafts takes place. The design of both of these areas is estimated by mapping documents for the module configuration. Moreover, hangar configurations are made flexible enough to accommodate all of the existing as well as anticipated aircrafts.

Main Types of Aircraft Hangar Designs

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