Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Girls

By | December 20, 2013

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More and more people are getting tattoos made. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a number of new tattoo designs and a number of old designs reemerging. One such tattoo design is the dreamcatcher tattoo design. They have especially become very popular among the women folk, who enjoy sporting a dreamcatcher. While some use the tattoo design for the beauty of the design, while there are others, who get it for the meanings attached to the design. There are a number of ideas, which can be used to make feminine dreamcatcher tattoos and make the tattoo look unique as compared to the other tattoos.

Meaning of Dreamcatcher Tattoos

The dreamcatcher tattoo has its origin in the American Indian tradition. It is the Ojibway tribe, which is given the credits for the same. There is a legend as far as the dreamcatcher tattoo goes. It is said that the tattoo is able to protect the wearer of the tattoo from bad, violent dreams, which have made it difficult to have a sound peaceful sleep at night. It is said that the dream gets entangled in the web, hence the name dreamcatcher. If it has to be put up in simple words, this tattoo is nothing but a filter, which filters out good from the bad and not let the bad affect the person.

There is another meaning attached to this tattoo design. It is said not just the dreams, but it ensures protection from different kinds of evils. Therefore, it was not uncommon to see dreamcatcher talisman hung on the cradles of children or also on the doors.

Dreamcatcher is also seen as a leader of wisdom, who camouflages himself as a spider and weaves a web. The web is a cycle of good and bad that every person has to go through in life. The good is symbolized with the threads, which hold the web together, while the bad is allowed to pass through the gaps and there is no remembrance of the bad.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs for Girls

The ideas to design a femine dreamcatcher tattoos are many. One of the most common idea is to make a web with feathers hanging from a loop. The web can be drawn using imagination. An example, can be to use an interwoven flower design inside the web. For the more creative ones, they can choose to have a loop made with barbed wire and the inside of the loop will contain an eye-catching design. It can be landscape design or a scenery design, which is included in between the loop of the dreamcatcher. Like in the previous design, there can be feathers hanging from the loop. There are many designs which make use of barbed wire to outline the web.

There are different designs, which can be used in conjunction with the web design. People who are found of animals and birds, choose to include an animal face or the face of bird with the design. Often it is the wild animals, which are chosen for the same. The commonly used birds and animal faces include eagle, wolves, tiger, owls, etc.

Celtic designs are also a part of this design. There is a huge range of Celtic designs, which are used. These designs are often included in the center of the loop, which lends a different beauty to the tattoo design. Often using the Celtic designs, the tattoo design is used to cover a larger canvas.

A unique design would be to make the loop to resemble a flower and the feathers to resemble the leaves and stem of the flower. Butterflies can also be included in the tattoo design to make the tattoo design rather unique.

After reading the dreamcatcher tattoo design ideas for girls, you will want to know, where should this tattoo design be placed on the body. These tattoos are often placed on the shoulder blade. They can also be placed at the center of the back, lower back, on the neck and the oblique region. A unique location is to place a this tattoo as an anklet, with the feathers flowing on the foot. Similarly, it can also be used as a bracelet with the flowers on the back of the hand.

Just a word of caution before you get a tattoo made, is to get a temporary tattoo made. Just in case you do not like the design, you can always have it changed. However, once a permanent tattoo is made, it will become difficult to get rid of the tattoo or make changes to the tattoo design.

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