Electrolysis Hair Removal System – Is This Still Effective?

By | December 30, 2013

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Electrolysis hair removal system has been considered to be effective in hair reduction. But more recent studies have shown that this kind of hair removal actually removes hair permanently. It works using a treatment that involves needles and electric current. Its effects may even be more effective than that of laser treatment. This would be suited for people who want hair removed but have complexion that is as well dark or have blonde, gray, or red locks.

The machines needed to perform electrolysis can be bought and used in your own home. To obtain effective results, having a professional and skilled electrologist perform the procedure is preferred. Although electrolysis has its advantages over laser treatment, one of its disadvantages is that it can be very painful. It may be a tiresome process for some and that’s why it is not ideal for large regions of skin. It is usually used for the hair on your face on the upper lip, chin, or cheeks.
The actual electrolysis hair removal system offers three methods. The foremost is the galvanic electrolysis. It is the first kind of electrolysis. Instead of the electrical shock eliminating the actual hair follicle, it is the chemical reaction that does the secret. It is formed from salt and water making sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye. The lye accumulates damaging the hair follicles.
Next is the thermolysis electrolysis which from the name itself tells that it utilizes heat to remove the hair. It makes utilization of shortwave radio frequency to generate the heat that terminates hair regrowth. And last is the blend electrolysis. It is merely to combine both galvanic and thermolysis to see which may be more effective as a hair removal procedure. Although it combines both, it is just slightly far better than either galvanic or thermolysis.

All the methods utilize a thin needle placed in precisely into the pores and skin targeting the hair follicle. Again, the role of the electrologist here is essential and not just on the machine. He or she needs to be precise in handling the needle. Also make sure all the electrologist’s equipment are sterilized to prevent infections. The hair type might also be a factor on the outcome. And as for the pain inflicted on your skin, fortunately new ways are being developed as to create the entire process less painful.
Electrolysis hair removal system although not suitable to all body parts, is still effective. It can provide permanent hair removal for smaller regions of your body with little side effects. If not really done correctly, the hair would just grow back again maybe even thicker. It may also cause a bit of pores and skin irritation like redness and swelling but these will only last for two days. Getting scabs may just mean the section of skin affected is recovering but have it remedied with a doctor if it worsens. Excessive scabbing may trigger permanent scars. Having blisters and ingrown hairs must also be treated as quickly as possible to prevent further infection.
A better option can be a new technology called thermicon! This uses gentle heat pulses to get rid of the hair from its roots. It has none from the side effects of electrolysis, and can be done at home. Click the link below to find out much more!

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