Foot Tattoo Ideas

By | December 19, 2013

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Tattoos have been a mark of individualistic expression since time immemorial, and even today the trend continues. In recent times, the art of tattooing has entered mainstream society with individuals from all walks of life getting them. People are getting tattoos done on body parts like the upper arm and foot as they are easy to hide. If you are planning to get a tattoo done, just make sure that you choose a tattoo parlor with high standards of hygiene. It is also important to look into the artist’s previous works and see if you like his style, remember the art is permanent.

I'm sorry goat, but your fashion statement has gone too far.

Using the body as a canvas to ink your beliefs is one of the latest fashion statements that has been going around for some time now. Celebrities have fueled this trend with many of them getting foot tattoos. Kelly Osbourne has two skulls tattooed on her feet and Charlize Theron has a small flower on top of her right foot.

Foot Tattoo Designs

A foot tattoo looks very exotic with very few people getting their foot inked; this uniqueness is what attracts some people. One of the ways to make these look enchanting is by using bright colors and out of the box designs. Here are a few ideas to stimulate your gray cells.

Musical Instruments

If you really want your tattoo design to stand out and scream attention, get a burning guitar on your foot done in colors like sunset orange and sunflower yellow. Two trumpets entwined in each other and a musical note floating around is also something that would look great on the foot. A piano with its keys done with different colors is another unique foot tattoo idea.

Animal Tats

You can go either for a wild animal, or something mellow like a domestic cat, depending on your personality and sensibilities. A howling wolf with its tail flowing behind it is something else that you could try. Another animal tattoo that will look good on the foot is a trumpeting elephant with long tusks. One of the best foot tattoos for girls is showing a kitten curled up with its eyes closed.

Tribal Designs

Long flowing symmetrical lines that start on the foot and engulf the ankle look really attractive, especially on someone with slender legs. You can incorporate other tribal designs like the cross done in dark shaded lines. Inking a star with its rays flowing across the foot is also one of the better ideas. Interwoven lines with an armor shield in the middle is one of the designs that you could use to represent life’s battles.

Cute Tattoos

The butterfly is an image which looks great on almost everyone, especially if done in vibrant colors. Tweety, the yellow canary made famous by Warner Bros., is one of the most lovable creatures that you could ink on your foot. A goldfish blowing heart-shaped bubbles is another cute tattoo design that you could consider. If you love dolphins, then you should consider getting one on the foot. Bugs Bunny eating a bright red carrot is also something that you could try having on your foot.

Morbid Designs

If you are attracted towards the underworld, you could get some foot tattoo designs like skulls bleeding from their eyes. Showing a snake with its red forked tongue hanging out is also one of the designs that you could consider. A dragon with its teeth enmeshed in a rabbit is one more idea that you could try. If these don’t appeal to you, try a vampire with blood trickling down its chin.

You can also use different tattoo lettering styles or foreign language fonts to adorn your foot. A verse from the bible or a delicate flower are some of the other designs that you could try. When getting a tattoo done, be sure that you will identify with the design long after it is made as the art form is permanent.

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