Give Yourself a Tattoo with Corel Paint Shop Pro!

By | December 17, 2013

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Ever wonder what you’d look like with a tattoo? Thinking about getting a tattoo but can’t decide where it would look the best? Perhaps you are the tattoo artist and a potential customer would like to see their own design on their own body. Whatever the case may be, with Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo you can very easily – not to mention, painlessly – add a tattoo to your body.

Give Yourself a Tattoo

Step 1: Open both images, the one you’ll be “tattooing” and the tattoo itself (for easy reference, we’ll call the former “Izaac.jpeg” and the latter “Tiger.jpeg”).

Tip: To find images that make great tattoos, search the internet for free tattoo designs. If you’re blessed with an artistic flare, try drawing your own and then scanning it onto your computer.

Here are the images I’ll be using:

(Click on images to enlarge)

Step 2: Making sure Izaac.jpeg is your active image (when you click on an image, it will become your active image), create a new raster layer by choosing Layers>New Raster Layer…

(For more information on layers, please read Layer Types in Paint Shop Pro)

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