Great Design Ideas for Matching Tattoos

By | January 31, 2014

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Couple tattoos. For some people, expressing love can take an extreme form and it could mean getting under the needle to get a male-female matching tattoos. Couple tattoos like these usually feature humor and symbols that represent their love for each other. Oftentimes, a design is split into two and each half is drawn on one then to the other. A key element to remember here is that each pattern should complement the other just like a real couple.

Feather tattoos. Bird feathers really look great as tattoo art because they are highly detailed and they possess beautiful colors. They also have great symbolisms in many cultures which can really make matching tattoos stand out. And even more impressive is the fact that Hollywood A-listers like Zac Efron has chosen feather tattoos to be drawn on his arms.

Sister tattoos. For female skin art aficionados, paying tribute to one of the most important persons in their lives through a tattoo is the highest form of respect and loyalty. It’s why sister tattoos rank high in the list of most sought after skin art designs. A common practice done in many tattoo shops is to use a caricature of the sister or her name alongside other characters. However, when getting matching tattoos other designs can work just as great for as long as they don’t stray away from the central theme of the tattoo.

Linked tattoos. Basically, these are extensions of couple tattoos but with a slight difference. Oftentimes, artworks such as these are rendered in a manner that depicts continuation of one tattoo to another like two parts of a single puzzle.

Friendship tattoos. There’s no better way to show camaraderie between friends than having the same tattoo marked on their bodies. The theme for this kind of skin art is virtually endless. However, it should be representative of the kind of bond a group shares. Military personnel are notoriously famous for using these designs which often include emblems of their units or in some cases names of crew members.

Whichever design path you choose to walk on when picking out matching tattoos, always remember to get something that makes sense for you and your partner. Tattoos are great for expressing one’s personality but it can also work in showing special bonds that exist between friends, lovers, and family members. Moreover, a beautiful tattoo design can still be meaningless if it doesn’t come to terms with what you seek to achieve – which is to forge a proud badge of partnership that hopefully would last as long as the tattoos.    

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