Grim Reaper Tattoos

By | December 29, 2013

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There are many kinds of horrific tattoos that are generally worn by people today. And one of the most horrific, yet voguish ones are grim reaper tattoos. When we think of these tattoos, we generally think of a skeleton covered with a black coat and the killing scythe in his hand. However, these tattoos come in a variety of designs, patterns, specifications, and backgrounds.

Sak Yant back piece Example A

Even though these tattoos relate to the symbol of death and evil, many tattoo enthusiasts usually opt for getting one done on their body. If you are thinking about wearing this tattoo, the sleeves can be the best places where you can show off your designs. The back is also a good place where this type of tattoo can be worn in great detail.

What do Grim Reaper Tattoos Mean

It is a general view that these tattoos symbolize death which is inevitable in anyone’s life. The grim reaper uses the scythe to separate the person’s soul from his body and take away his soul to hell. Some people say that these tattoos are normally worn by people who are into worshiping Satan or practice devilish cults. Some individuals think that these tattoos make them realize about life being very short and it has to be enjoyed to the fullest. For some wearers, these tattoos may just be a matter of a somewhat different style from other conventional tattoo designs.

Tattoo Designs

When it comes to tattoos, you can be as creative as you want. As mentioned before, a typical grim reaper tattoo design consists of a skeleton wearing a very loose black colored coat, hunting for souls with a scythe in his hand. However, you can experiment with these tattoos, with the background, the size of the tattoo, the skull, and other aspects of the design. It can even be a non-featured and invisible creature hidden under the loose cloak. Or it can have only the skull in focus crossed by the killing tool. You can make a tattoo with a grim reaper having flaming eyes or a skull on fire, much like the ‘ghost rider’.

Another good design is to have a grim reaper riding a horse, in search of souls to be taken away. A good pattern can also be a grim reaper holding the scythe in one hand and an hourglass in the other, reminding that the time of life is running out. You do have many choices of changing the manner of the grim reaper’s position, the way he holds his scythe, and his frightening facial expression. Death does not always have to come in a frightening way. Considering this, you can get a tattoo done of an attractive woman holding a scythe in her hand. Nowadays, you will find that there are many Celtic designs available in these patterns. You can even change the background or the setting of the tattoo.

Grim reaper tattoos can be worn small or big, depending on the space available on the part of your body. Whichever grim reaper tattoo design you choose to wear, it will always relate to our life being mortal.

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