Henna Tattoo Designs – For People Of All Ages

By | December 20, 2013

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Henna tattoo designs are a lot of fun to have on your body!

And the beauty is that they are only temporary, so you can easily get rid of them if you no longer want to have them upon you. There are so many different henna tattoo designs for you to choose from and they are really cheap when you compare them to how much it costs to get a real tattoo. But more important than anything else, is they are pain free and you don’t have anything permanently on your skin.

Where Did Henna Tattoos Originate?

These types of tattoo designs originated in the south of Asia. But mainly the area they came about is in India. They are called Mehndi, in India. The pigment comes directly from the Lawsonia Enermis, which is the part of the henna plant that is an active dye used to bind hair, nails and skin. These particular designs are usually most associated with spirituality and religion. Also, they are often used during the most sacred ceremonies like a wedding or the festivities that take place before war when asking for divine protection during battle.

Should You Experiment With These?

You should definitely experiment with different henna tattoo designs to find which ones you like the best. You can have very elaborate designs or even extremely simple designs. It all depends on your own personal preference. And the best part is, that since they are only temporary, you can change your designs whenever you please to suit your particular need on that day, or to suit a particular event you might be attending.

Madonna With Henna Tattoos!

Henna tattoo designs started to really become trendy once Madonna used them as part of the backdrop of one of her best-selling albums. This really helped highlight the spirituality and culture in India. A lot of people found that what she did with these designs and symbols were considered blasphemous and an act of desecration. But that didn’t stop people from imitating what she was doing and also buying her ever popular music albums.

Common Places

Indian and Arabic patterns are the most common designs that are usually placed on the back of the feet or hands. The designs from India usually have a lot of intricate patterns of things such as teardrops, flowers, webs, lotuses and paisley patterns too. And the Indian patterns are often done with very well drawn lines that deliver both spiritual and religious messages.

Henna Tattoos Inspiration…

The Arabic designs are usually inspired by flowers, carvings, patterns on Arabic textile and passages from the Koran. They come in various sizes that usually depend on the location of the henna tattoo designs so they can stand out to those who view them.

But you don’t need to have any religious or spiritual motivations in order to have fun with henna tattoo designs. You can get whatever particular type of design makes you feel good. And don’t feel like you need to put them in any specific spot on your body either because there’s no reason to limit yourself to just certain areas.

Put them in places that make you feel good and places that you want to show off and highlight on your body. It’s an artistic expression that you are making about yourself and who you are, so be comfortable with whatever design you choose and whatever place you put it.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the only color you can get your henna tattoo designs are is black. So please be aware of that when you are first deciding on whether or not these tattoos are for you. In some cases the artist might add sugar to the ink because it helps it last longer.

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