Hip Tattoo Designs

By | December 24, 2013

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Hip tattoos are a very common choice of tattoos for women. There is a large variety of tattoo designs that are suitable for inking on the hip. Since the hip is a relatively small area, you will have to choose a small design. If you want a big design, it will extend to other parts of the body and you will have to be ready for the same.

Hip tattoos can either be placed on the front or back of the hip. Most commonly, such tattoos are placed between the hip bone and the pelvis or on the back of the hip, on the lower back. Since the hip is a bony area, getting a tattoo there is often painful. Tattoos on the hip are a bigger hit with women as compared to men, probably because the hip is considered to be a sensuous body part in a woman. Among the tattoo areas in women, this area is considered to be one of the most attractive places to get tattooed. Now let’s look at tattoo designs that girls may want to get on their hips.

Cute Tattoo Designs for the Hips

Since the area is not highly visible, you can opt for any design of your choice. The most appropriate design for the hip area are your lover’s name or initials. There are other designs as well, which can be used. Let’s see what they are.

Star Patterns

Some tiny stars with a dust trail, which swirls around the stars or around the waist, makes for a wonderful tattoo design to get on the hips. To some, it may seem to be an understated design but according to me, it makes for a sensual tattoo. If you do not want multiple stars, you can opt for a nautical star or a shooting star tattoo on your hips.

Flower Tattoo Designs

If you like vines or floral designs, then flower designs are the best option for you. You can have the vines flow across your curves and make the most of the available space of the hip area. You can also opt for different flowers like roses, hibiscus tattoos, cherry blossoms, lotus flowers, asters, lilies, daisies, daffodils, sunflowers, etc. You can also opt for a Hawaiian flower tattoo.

Tribal Tattoos

There are many tribal tattoo designs that can be traced along the hips. Some of the designs which you can use are the tribal sun, a tribal cross, a tribal dragon, etc. If you believe in the zodiac, then you can also opt for tribal zodiac tattoos.

Small Tattoo Designs for the Hips

Among the small and cute tattoo designs are butterflies, angels, fairies, etc. You may also combine a butterfly design with a flower tattoo. Celtic butterfly tattoos are also popular for getting inked on the hips. If you want to commemorate your love, then you may want to choose from various heart designs. To make your own unique tattoo design, you can choose to combine different tattoo designs of your choice.

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese kanji patterns are in vogue among various hip tattoo designs. These kanji characters are very intricate and have mysticism attached to them. The Sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) are also in vogue as tattoo designs. If you are fond of the aquatic world, then koi fish designs may just be the thing for you!

When you want to get any tattoo made, it is recommended that you hunt for the right design. The tattoo trend is here to stay, hence, although painful, you can get a unique tattoo Like I have previously mentioned, you can opt for unique designs. However, do not forget to take appropriate care of your tattoo.

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