How do i make a fake tattoo for kids?

By | December 17, 2013

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Gather Supplies

Gather the necessary materials, including face paints, new fine-tipped paintbrushes, a small cup of water, paper towels and a mirror. You might also want a few pieces of scrap paper and a pencil.

Select A Design

Ask the child what tattoo design she wants. If necessary, provide a sample of tattoo ideas. For kids, focus on simple designs, such as hearts, butterflies, ladybugs, sports logos, dinosaurs and bugs. Once she selects a design, use a pencil to sketch the picture on scrap paper.

Paint the Image

Use the paintbrushes and face paint to create the design on the child’s skin. The cheek, hand or upper arm are good spots. Use the water and paper towels to clean the paintbrush before dipping it into new colors. Once finished, allow the child to look at her design in the mirror.


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