How do you make a home made tattoo?

By | December 22, 2013

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I need to know all details of making a home made tattoo including materials, best brand of ink, best method, infection risk, and proper care to let the tattoo heal.

The amount of time put into to making the machine, amount of money put into getting the materials, the amount of time, money and pain of fighting off infections is much more costly than taking 50-100 bucks to your local shop and getting one done the right way. That is not to mention the damage you can cause to your skin by trying this. Tattoo artists are trained in this art form for a reason. The same as you would hope your surgeon went to school for training and experience before he works on you too.

Best brand of ink – Alla Prima, best method – by a professional, infection risk (at home) – very high, proper care – don't do it to start with

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