How does Nair Hair Removal work?

By | December 29, 2013

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I'm curious as to what Nair, or any other razorless hair removal product works. How does it make it to where the hair is painlessly pulled out, or massaged out with a sponge?


And in regards to my question, I am meaning the product itself. What is it that the cream does to one's skin to remove the hair?

Directions are on the box.

CREAMS there are side effects and people violate those warnings: Skin damage, odor, more hair growth, uneven skin & hair growth, allergic reaction. Keratin is the main protein that forms a hair strand. The result is the hair is wiped away with gentle friction. There are several chemicals based on the strength, color and coarseness of the hair. Before applying the cream, the skin type is also considered. Example from a VEET user: .”I used Veet to wax off my moustache which wasn't anything tragic,(STUPID ME) around 12 hours ago…..And for the first time I've got this reaaally bad skin irritation, I'm as red as a pepper for Gd's sake!” One girl put the cream on her nipples: “I just tried using nair for the first time and I tried putting it on my nipples because I am dumb and didnt read the directions. (and yes, I have hairy nipples. please dont make fun of me because it bothers me already). now my nipples are REALLY burning along with the rest of my skin.” “I've waxed my upper lip by myself in the morning using a veet strip and peeled 3 large spots of skin and its really red and it burns !? help me plz i have skool after 2 days ! i waited 7 hours but nothing happeened ?” This may not be a good option for you if you have sensitive skin. If your skin develops severe irritation afterwards, go see a doctor!

Example from YA re: hair removal spray from Sally Hansen: “Being an idiot, I purchased the Sally Hansen hair removal spray thinking it would work. I used it last night before i showered, left it on for about 4 minutes and it didn't remove my hair. I am not concerned with the fact that it didn't remove my hair but it left my skin to be ridiculously irritated and itchy and burning with bumps allllllllll over! What can I use on my skin to calm this down and make it less painful?”


1.The rate of hair regrowth will not change because of hair removal.

2.Hair coverage will not change in density; your body has a set number of hair follicles.

3.Ingrown hairs are common but not impossible to avoid; everyone has different susceptibility to ingrown hairs.

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