How long will a small finger tattoo like this take to do ?

By | January 23, 2014

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And how much do you think the cost would be ?

Kevin Halo- I didn't ask what the tattoo looks like it was made out of.

Wow thats strange. I litrally had that tattoo planned for myself. I had a different font, but i took it to the tattooist and they said personally they wouldnt bother if it was them, because they dont last long on your finger. I was planning on getting it on my wedding finger, and when i found out it'd fade quickly i was rather annoyed because i was so excited -.-

Have you considered back of the neck? Wrist? somewhere you know that its not going to fade, overwise you'd go through the pain for nothing and you'd have waisted your money. I've had 4 tattoos, so i'd recommend not to bother with any numbing cream if you were considering. Its pointless, and i stopped using it after the first one -.-

Anyway, good luck! Im sure you'll find something nice. Im not saying dont get the tattoo, but just keep in mind that it likely wont last long. Unless of course your happy to go back every now and then to get it redone 🙂

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