How To Remove A Tattoo

By | December 30, 2013

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The tattoo in your skin that seemed so cool when you are young does not seem so cool with you now and you want it to be removed. Thus, you want your tattoo from your skin to be removed as soon as possible without any pain and you do not want it to cost a lot of money. Moreover, you want to do your tattoo removal by yourself. Unfortunately, there is no book available for tattoo removal. So what should you do then? Well, the good news is that you can do a tattoo removal by yourself and of course it will be painless and beyond minor irritation such as sun burn. Fortunately, it will be quite inexpensive compared to any medical procedures. However, it will not be removed quickly since it will vary on the different factors.

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Your tattoo can be removed by using a home tattoo removal cream or gel that works by penetrating your skin and eliminating the tattoo inks. Generally you should wait about six weeks between applications to give the body time to absorb the dissolved ink and to allow any skin irritation to heal. You can also use the TCA or trichloroacetic acid which is a liquid that is used for skin peels like acne scar removal as well as for tattoo removing. When this liquid will be applied, it removes some small layer of skin as well as a small amount of tattoo ink in your skin. It is the same with the removal creams that you still have to wait for about six weeks between applications to allow the skin irritation to fully heal. When using any of the at home tattoo remover creams, gels, or liquids, expect to spend at least six months or maybe as long as a year to get satisfactory results. Results will vary as mentioned above, depending on the size, complexity, types of colors, and depth of the tattoo. Skin type is also a factor in removal success.

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Removing a tattoo yourself is not that complicated. However, you should know your possibility for success before trying it yourself. Finally, you should have the patience to allow the creams time to work for you.

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