Image by Laser Implement New Laser Tattoo Removal Technology in Brisbane

By | December 23, 2013

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Brisbane, QLD (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

Image by Laser has serviced the Brisbane area for many years in the area of non surgical cosmetic treatments. Laser tattoo removal treatments have recently been introduced into Image by Lasers clinics after significant demand for this service from their new and existing customers.

The team at Image by Laser were finding more and more people enquiring about ways to remove tattoos, and in particular, laser tattoo removal.

“These enquiries have led to us implementing the laser tattoo removal technology into our clinics to meet the demand of our customers,” said Image by Lasers spokesperson.

“We see a wide variety of people wanting to remove tattoos for many different reasons. It’s very rewarding to get positive feedback from our clients as we see the results after each visit and the tattoo progressively fades.”

As tattoos have become more commonplace over the last 10 years, laser tattoo removal has also become more popular as people look for ways to remove the artwork. Common reasons for removal include strict employment contracts, relationship breakdown, poor quality tattoos or people simply tired of the same old design.

The Medlite C6 is widely known as the gold standard for tattoo removal all around the world. By using the medical grade laser in conjunction with a zimmer machine which blows cold air onto the skin, there is no need for anesthetic or numbing creams and the treatments are over very quickly which allows people to get back to their busy schedules.

The multiple wavelengths produced by the Medlite C6 allow a wide variety of colours to be treated effectively including black, navy, red, blues and greens. Many tattoos are made up of different colours so the ability to effectively target a wide colour spectrum is vital.

For additional information on laser tattoo removal or other services provided by Image by Laser, please visit: Image by laser offers free consultations on all of their products and services and appointments can be made via phone or the online booking form.

About Image by Laser

Image by Laser has been operating for over 12 years in Brisbane and is a specialist in the field of non surgical cosmetic treatments. Image by Laser provide state of the art treatments by fully trained and experienced staff and they are licensed with QLD Health. Their success is measured by the many happy customers they have treated over the years and has led to them becoming a market leader in their industry.

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