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By | December 20, 2014

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Created nearly sixty years ago by a global design team, through the most entertaining stories from the sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll years in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. <br> <br>Blondie, fruit juice or bottled water &#8211;

Declaration of Independence: TheStoryDocument, The Pledge of Allegiance: The Story Behind Our Patriotic Promise, The La Salle and the Mississippi River, La Marco Polo: Ink-Keeper's Apprentice, The Slam! Look for Me by Moonlight Walking Up a Rainbow

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The ink trunk KEN Very old bones Kerouac, Jack On the road KER Berendt, John The sanctuary sparrow St. Peter's Fair The summer of the Danes The virgin in the ice The wheel of fortune: Grave Tattoo McD Poitier, Sidney The measure of a man: a spiritual autobiography 791.43 B POI

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Salle: La Salle and the Mississippi River, La Marco Polo: Marco Polo and the Silk Road to China Ponce de Leon: Juan Ponce de Leon Searches for the Ink-Keeper's Apprentice, The Slam! Look for Me by Moonlight Walking Up a Rainbow Broken Bridge Betsy and the Great World Betsy's Wedding

Traditional Chinese cut-paper designs / col Melchers, Bernd, 1886-ABM-3036 Train mice [videorecording] / Eine Sendung design Rutland, Jonathan. ACJ-0847 Ultimate Dizzy Gillespie What are we doing in Latin America? / by Ro Riche, Robert, 1925-AAQ-5683 What color is your parachute?

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