Love-Related Tattoos on the Rise: Couples Are Getting Branded for Valentine's Day

By | December 30, 2013

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 4, 2010, an online social network for tattoo lovers, (located online at]) noticed an increase in popularity of sexy tattoos this week. More tattoo enthusiasts are uploading pictures of their sexy tattoos to the web site, with Valentine's Day just around the corner.'s street team called a number of tattoo shops to see if more customers are requesting tattoos to express their love for Valentine's Day, or buying gift certificates for their significant others.

Tattoo artist Blanco – of Hart & Huntington Tattoos in Las Vegas, NV – expects to see more requests for hearts with names branded on them in the next two weeks. The ladies typically get tattoos on the ankles, wrists and pelvic areas, while guys opt for tattoos on the chest or arms. When asked if there were more gift certificates being sold for the occasion, Blanco commented, “This is Vegas…Here, the guys tend to pay for everything no matter what day it is.”

At Hart & Huntington, customers are spending between $150 to $350 for their love-related tattoos, Blanco said. member Mark Gonzales, who works out of Newport Tattoos in Newport Beach, CA, said more requests for romantic tattoos come in the actual week of Valentine's Day.

“More couples come in asking for matching tattoos as we get closer to February 14th. We also get requests for tattoos with one half of the image on each person. So, when the couple holds their tattoos together you see the complete picture,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said that the designs their customers want for Valentine's Day are smaller novelty tattoos. One popular concept is a heart design with a lock and key. The girl would get lock and the guy would get the key. For stand-alone designs, women choose sexy spots on their bodies for tattoo placement – such as under the arm, on the upper rib – while the men tend to choose a placement that's a little more incognito.

Tattoo artist Jason Frank – of Atomic Tattoo & Piercing in Hollywood, CA – said his shop sees a 25% increase in love-related tattoos at this time of year.

“Mostly names are being tattooed for Valentine's Day,” Frank stated. “We get a lot of people who come in alone to have the tattoo work done, because they want to surprise their boyfriend or girlfriend.”

On the other hand, tattoo shop owner Leslie Whelan said that business tends to pick up in February, but not necessarily for Valentine's Day.

“Business slows down in November, December and January. It naturally begins to pick up in February, once we're over the holidays. But, we get our share of people coming in to get names tattooed for Valentine's Day…then they come back three months later and get bullet holes over the names,” Whelan mused.

The Whelan family owns four tattoo shops in the greater Los Angeles area. Their 5150 shop locations are in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, and Reseda, CA. They also own Sin City in Pacoima, CA.

From the shops that were interviewed, found that most shops reported their clientele was in the mid-20s to mid-30s age group.

In honor of this special occasion, is offering a $250 cash prize for the best sexy tattoo entry in its Sexy Valentine Tattoo Contest. No cost is associated with the contest, and the deadline for entry is February 10, 2010. To enter the contest, go to

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