Make Your Own Fingernail Tattoos

By | January 28, 2014

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Most women strive for beautiful nails, that’s a fact, but having them done in a salon can be so costly – why not try decorating them yourself? Yes, nail salons airbrush beautiful designs – and believe me, you pay for them! Your nails can look just as gorgeous when you make your own fingernail tattoos.

There are several different ways to make fingernail tattoos. Make plain white ones by cutting tiny shapes from adhesive paper. The easiest way to do this is to remove the adhesive backing from the entire sheet of paper, or a portion of the paper, then place the sticker sheet onto wax paper. This will make it easier to remove the backing of the tiny tattoos. Cut shapes of ovals, squares, diamonds, circles – or any other shape – then peel and stick.

Use a hole puncher to punch out circles for your nails. Use an Exacto knife for the other designs. It helps to place the sticky paper – with waxed paper backing – onto a piece of cardboard before cutting. You’ll find sticker paper, in many designs and colors, at any craft store.

Some things which normally have other purposes can be used for making fingernail tattoos. Address labels are a good example. You’ll find plain and colored address labels, which you print yourself, at craft and office supply stores. The rectangles can be cut into all sorts of shapes to give your fingernails color and noticeability.

You don’t have to stick with geometric or ordinary shapes. Cut squiggles, lines, zig-zags and other shapes then try placing them vertically. Try again with horizontal designs. Decide which designs you like best, then make more!

Even already-printed address labels can be used to make fingernail tattoos. Many of them have pictures of flowers, holiday designs, pets and more. Order these online, from catalogs, magazines and other sources. Although they come pre-printed with your name and address, you can cut off the design and still use the plain address label. Some of the designs are done with gold embellishments that look beautiful when applied to the nails.

Ordinary stickers, of course, can be used to make fingernail tattoos as well. When you peel stickers away from the adhesive paper, pieces of the designs are left behind. These strips and other sections can be cut into fingernail tattoo designs. The left over sticker pieces are normally thin strips – perfect for fingernails. There are usually some larger sticker pieces remaining as well and these can be cut into many smaller shapes.

Large stickers can be cut into small pieces to become fingernail tattoos, too. For example, if you have a sticker that has Dora on it, you can cut it into a triangle, or another shape, and no one can tell it was once a Dora sticker. Instead, they’ll see only the colors and shapes of things like her bangs, or her outfit. Even those won’t be distinctive, though, since you’re using a large image and cutting it into very small pieces. The basic look will be that of various colors, stripes, and other sectional designs.

Sure, you can purchase fingernail stickers, and they’re not that expensive, but it’s much more fun to make your own, and you get to choose the designs and colors yourself, instead of just accepting what’s available at the store. So, put a fresh coat of paint on your nails, let ’em dry, then get busy making your own fingernail tattoo designs today.

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