Mayan Zodiac Tattoos

By | October 27, 2013

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Mayan Zodiac Tattoos

 Unquestionably, Mayan zodiac tattoos are very fantastic body art.

This particular aesthetic design from Mayan zodiac tattoos are extremely loved and among the most original available.

Mayan creative art includes strange divine characters. You will discover that an element of unique shading generally forms part of this particular design and style.

If you love monochromatic shading, the varieties of available choices are certain to be appealing to you.

Most of the Mayan body tattoo designs layouts are fantastic particularly for filling up the area on a sleeve.

It adjusts very well to the form of your arm, leg or upper back.

Listed below your astrology Mayan signs you can have a look at my otherpages if you are interested in zodiac tattoo designs or chinese zodiacsigns.

Ch’en: January 2 – January 21

mayan-zodiac-glyph9People born under this sign are usually smart and spiritual.  They may be described as highly religious and possibly will be someone that friends and family can count on when they need help or support.

Yax: January 22 – February 10

mayan-zodiac-glyph10People born under this sign are enlightened and have a clear mind. They are very realistic and are not overly bothered by the stresses of day to day life.

Zac: February 11 – March 2

mayan-zodiac-glyph11People born under this sign are exceptional problem solvers. They cannot stand to leave things unattended to, for whatever reason.

Ceh: March 3 – March 22

mayan-zodiac-glyph12People born under this sign tend to be somewhat energetic and incredibly strong. They will try almost anything, despite any fears.  They have no remorse.

Mac: March 23 – April 11

mayan-zodiac-glyph13People born under this sign are classified as decision-makers. They are extremely structured and organized.

Mayan zodiac symbols are a different way connected with finding out your own individuality via zodiac symbols.

The particular Mayan signs derive from the old Haab calendar that has been established more than 5,000 years.

Kankin: April 12 – May 1

mayan-zodiac-glyph14People born under this sign are usually somewhat inventive.  They are fast learners and amazing educators, no matter what subject.

Muan: May 2 – May 21

mayan-zodiac-glyph15People belonging to this Mayan zodiac sign are definitely persistent; they won’t give up before a job is completed, no matter what the repercussions may be.

Pax: May 22 – June 10

mayan-zodiac-glyph16People born under this sign are definitely the King (or Queen) of laying back and enjoying life.  Others are fascinated by their ability to make them laugh. They don’t necessarily even recognize how are amazingly imaginative their minds are.

Kayab: June 11 – June 30

mayan-zodiac-glyph17People born under this sign are great performers who enjoy telling jokes or perhaps performing in front of others. They love music and generally are completely at ease in front of a camera.

Cumku: July 1 – July 20

mayan-zodiac-glyph18The minds of people born under this sign are always working.  They are very diplomatic – capable of taking care of conflicts without even trying.  They are simply fact-seekers, nothing more.

Uayeb: July 21 – July 25

mayan-zodiac-glyph19People born under this sign may possibly come across as condescending, so be cautious! Individuals born within this extremely limited time period can achieve success and good fortune.

Pop: July 26 – August 14

mayan-zodiac-glyph1People born under this sign are logical in addition to being fantastic mentors. They are able to simplify extremely tough topics in order for others to readily understand them.

The actual Haab calendar is actually roughly 365 day chart which is split up within 19 months with 19 distinct signs.

A person’s zodiac sign will depend of your birth, comparable to conventional zodiac.

Uo: August 15 – September 3

mayan-zodiac-glyph2People born under this sign are calm, funny and do not have numerous close friends.  They have an insatiable thirst for learning.

Zip: September 4 – September 23

mayan-zodiac-glyph3People born under this sign are charming and fit in easily.  They thrive in situations regarding management and expertise and are skilled at converting people to their way of thinking.

Zotz: September 24 – October 13

mayan-zodiac-glyph4People born under this sign are incredibly generous.  They take care of others first, before themselves.

Zec: October 14 – November 2

mayan-zodiac-glyph5People born under this sign are very motivated and will see a task through from start to finish, no matter how large and complex it is.

Xul: November 3 – November 22

mayan-zodiac-glyph6People born under this sign are clever, and can end up working in almost any sector activities.

Yaxkin: November 23 – December 12

mayan-zodiac-glyph7People born under this sign are resourceful, yet extremely impulsive. They are charismatic and love to have a good laugh (who is going to blame them?)

Mol: December 13 – January 1

mayan-zodiac-glyph8People born under this sign certainly are thinkers who evaluate almost everything. They often lean towards scientific disciplines.

Do some research on Maya symbols and enjoy your new Mayan Zodiac tattoos!

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Mayan Lovers
Just got it for my birthday it took two hours.  They are Mayan lovers I saw the small sculpture at the museum last summer and felt in love with.

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