Most Iconic Sports Logo Tattoos….

You May See These Logos Anywhere In The World

Tattoos and body art can be used for any number of different purposes, from personal expression to artistic experimentation and everything in between.

And while most tend to associate the word “tattoo” with imagery, symbols and words, another genre of design that we touched on in a recent blog post, and which is popular among certain niche groups, is sports logos!.

We talked about some ideas and themes for sports-related tattoos already, but now let’s take a look at some of the specific sports logos that are the most iconic worldwide—and therefore often best suited as tattoos for fans!

New York Yankees Logo

No matter where you live, or whether or not you’re a fan of baseball, you’re likely familiar with the New York Yankees’ interlocking NY logo. Largely due to the global expansion of the Yankee brand and the enormous popularity of Yankee hats.

The logo can be recognized worldwide and has become a popular and attractive tattoo option. Oddly enough, NBA player and current New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith probably has the most well known Yankees tattoo, but Athlon Sports has a fun gallery showing a number of Yankees tattoos, both good and bad.

Manchester United Logo

A renowned English soccer team that is popular with fans all over the world, Manchester United has an iconic logo that almost resembles a coat of arms, and thus makes a very appealing symbol for sports fans considering tattoos. The imagery of Man U is so well known and iconic that it shows up just about everywhere.

Man U is commonly used to headline articles about club soccer. Club star Wayne Rooney is often cited as the current face of English soccer, despite the fact that he’s undeniably past his prime. Even at the partypoker casino room, alongside generic themed casino games geared toward making the gambling more appealing, you’ll find a Man U game featured. Perhaps as a testament to the team’s popularity, it’s actually the only casino game available based on a single team.

As for tattoos, it’s likely that there are thousands out there, but few can top the logo tattoo featured at Daily Mail back in 2011 for a Manchester City fan who lost a bet!

Chicago Bulls Logo

Really, it’s the Air Jordan logo that is the most popular from Michael Jordan’s storied basketball career. Arguably the most recognizable single logo in all of sports—even more well known than the Nike swoosh, perhaps—the Air Jordan image has been plastered over athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment all over the world.

And certainly, the logo has been featured in its share of tattoos. But the Chicago Bulls logo was also made iconic during Michael Jordan’s reign in the NBA, with the result that it too now has global appeal and recognition. Not to mention, the Chicago professional sports fan base is one of the most loyal and devoted in the U.S. The hashtag #bullstattoo on Instagram turns up some truly incredible results!

In the end, of course, most fans considering sports tattoos will simply opt for their own team’s images and logos. But these are three sports logos so recognizable and popular that you might run into them anywhere in the world!