Peacock Tattoos – What is So Special About Them?

By | January 25, 2014

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Nowadays, you will usually find peacock designs as tattoo designs on countless people’s bodies or body parts. In fact, there are even some people who use peacock feathers as designs of body art as well. However, there are several other reasons why people opt to go for these peacock tattoos and some of which include a wide range of reasoning. Here are some other things you need to know regarding the peacock tattoos which you need to know about in order to find the best one for you:

• Asian and Middle East Tattoo – When you go to Asia and in the Middle East, you will absolutely not fail to see peacock tattoos everywhere. They are extremely well known in these places due to their colorful structure which give the design its vibrant appeal. However, when you go to Europe, you will understand that the feathers of peacocks are regarded with very high curiosity simply because of a fiasco in their mythologies and traditions.

• If you will refer to the history of Greece, Rome or Egypt, you will learn that these peacock feathers are often said to possess the so-called evil eye. This is because if you look more closely to a peacock feather, you will notice the big dot near its one end and you may imagine an eye coming out of it. The general idea of people regarding these peacock feathers is that when it has many evil eyes on it, they represent every sin that he has committed in his life. There are even a lot of houses in Europe which ban these peacock feathers from ever entering their premises. But nevertheless, it remains a popular tattoo design in such places.

• However, when you refer to Christian faith, you will understand that there is a very much different meaning to this eye. You will realize that for Christians, such dot which can be found on the feathers are actually God’s all knowing eyes watching our every move. What is more, you will also understand that it is believed to hold much divinity and sacredness in such feathers of a peacock.

• Also, at present, there are a lot of people who still believe that peacock tattoos symbolize immortality for anyone who has them inked in their bodies. Especially in China, these tattoos represent divinity and sacredness, as well as the ranks of gods, and even their many ancestors. Also, since peacocks are regarded to as animals of pride and royalty, a lot of people believe that they are symbols for oaths that cannot be broken. As a result, it remains a well-loved tattoo design by many.

• Last of all, apart from all these historical and mythical reasons, many people still opt to get peacock tattoos for the mere reason that they are colorful and bright. What is more, even at times when people are recovering from a terrible and life- threatening disease, they choose to have a peacock tattoo to constantly remind them of their struggle and success over the illness.

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